Reefer Container Repair And Maintenance Service

1. What is Reefer Container?

Reefer container/refrigerated container, commonly referred to as RF, is a large capacity container designed with T-grooves high-tensile air conditioners under the floor to ensure that the refrigerant is fully circulated throughout the containers to freeze goods in property temperatures during the transport. The sizes and quality of the reefer container are standardized according to the international standard – ISO to reduce the cost for transport investment, equipment, and detention of cargo agents and firms.

2. Who should rent Reefer Containers?

Enterprises in food, agriculture, fishery, pharmacy processing business,  and companies in cryopreserved raw materials/goods/machines transport/storage should rent reefer containers.

Even though the companies have refrigerated warehouses, renting reefer containers to transport and store goods for short-term or infrequent demands is an optimal option in price and electric systems maintenance cost of the containers.

3. Criteria for a high-quality dry container

  1. WWST (wind, water, sunlight tight): waterproof, wind-proof, light-proof.
  2. The structure achieves IICL5 standard and doesn’t distort much due to the strong impact; the door can close/open easily; floor, roof, wall, and girder are secured.
  3. Has a valid CSC plate or is eligible to extend/qualify for CW (Cargo Worthy) shipping.
  4. Refrigeration systems have full components and run stably at -180 degrees Celsius without any leak, stagnant water, and pass the PTI (pre-trip-inspection) examination.
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