Semi-trailer Repair Service

Many people think that repairing semi-trailers is easier, more affordable, and more time-saving than buying a new one. In fact, fixing the spoiled old semi-trailers is not easy at all, on the contrary, it is difficult, pricey, arduous, and time-consuming more than buying a new one if the cost is not well-managed.

Tan Thanh has experience in producing, designing, and repairing semi-trailers in Vietnam for years. We possess contemporary equipment with exquisite workmanship combining with developing technology to apply in every detail and parts of semi-trailers. Therefore, we are confident to bring in the best products to meet end needs of customers.

1. Stringent repair process

Tan Thanh’s repair process is highly evaluated because it satisfies the strict standard of Vietnam Register, IICL, and ISO 9001:205. All sections of the process are controlled and supervised carefully by an experienced team and high-skilled engineers. Therefore, all repaired products are guaranteed to achieve the initial standard.

2. Contemporary equipment

Tan Thanh possesses factories, contemporary machinery and equipment imported from some developing countries such as Amada’s laser cutters (Japan), Bystronic (Swiss), Yaskawa’s welding robots (Japan), ABB (Swiss), etc. Therefore, you have no worries about the products’ quality when using our repair services.

3. Strong points in Accessories

All of Tan Thanh’s semi-trailer accessories are imported directly from America, Europe, China, etc. That’s the reason why Tan Thanh is always considered as the leading company in the technical quality and genuine accessories for the repair and replacement process.

4. High-skilled personnel

Tan Thanh has become well-known thanks to professional, high-skilled, youthful, energetic, enthusiastic, and creative personnel for years. They have promoted many optimal methods for the semi-trailer repair process to reduce the cost and time but remain the quality.

In addition, our repair and maintenance service stations stretch to different places in Vietnam that give you the convenience of using our services.

Besides, you will receive support entirely when using Tan Thanh services. We will satisfy all of your requests perfectly.

If you have any wonder or need any consultation, contact Tan Thanh to get more information.

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