Semi-trailer Maintenance And Warranty Service

1. Maintenance

All Tan Thanh semi-trailer will be periodically maintained 4 times per year with genuine accessories in the first 3 years in any branches of Tan Thanh in the North - the Middle - the South.

The purpose of maintenance is to keep semi-trailers in the best condition and to avoid errors when running. The details are as below:

  • Replacing the eroded materials and accessories such as lubricant, leaf spring, brake, steam trap, torque rod bushing, brake shoes, etc. (these parts are important to keep the braking systems and other vital parts of the semi-trailer in the best condition).
  • Detecting the probable errors to solve them on time to reduce the actual repair costs.

Please check the periodic maintenance routine in the Semi-trailer Maintenance Manual for the best maintenance tasks.

2. Warranty Policy

2.1 Chassis frame

  • Main girders, cross girders, beam: 36-month warranty
  • Axle, backing plate, twistlock: 12-month warranty

2.2 Hangtainer

  • Hangtainer: 12-month warranty for technical issues (leaf spring calibration and clasp)
  • Leaf Spring: 6-month warranty
  • Torque rod bushing: 3-month warranty

2.3 Axle

  • Axle: 12-month warranty for technical issues (bearings)
  • Axle body: 12-month warranty
  • Brake drum, wheel hub: 3-month warranty
  • Backing plate: 6-month warranty

2.4 Braking systems

  • Storage tank : 12-month warranty
  • Brake line, brake hose: 6 month-warranty
  • Fleetrite, steam trap,manual slack adjuster: 3-month warranty

2.5 Foot systems

  • Foot: 12-month warranty

2.6 Tyre

Warranty in accordance with the supplier’s regulation. Please bring your products to the supplier’s warranty station.

2.7 Free warranty and repair

  • Products have a valid warranty period;
  • Products are damaged due to technical errors of the manufacturer.

2.8 Charged warranty and repair

  • Products have an invalid warranty period;
  • Natural erosion in use (torque rod bushing, bell crank pin, balance beam, clamp, leaf spring, ball bearings, wheel seal, brake shoes), damages due to the environment, chemicals (rust, dirt, etc.).
  • Damages due to the external impact such as physical impact, accidents (rollover, crash, etc.)
  • Damages due to wrong operations such as overload, wrong forklift, wrong lubricant, etc.
  • Damages due to disasters, theft, etc.
  • Damages due to the improper repair ( having the signs of dismantlement), ungenuine accessories replacement, texture changes.
  • Clean, add in grease (axles, twistlock, balance beam pin,... )

3. Take Note

Please bring your semi-trailers to the maintenance station and Maintenance Manual every 6 months periodically.

Please bring your semi-trailers to the maintenance station after one month since receiving it for short-distance semi-trailer transport, and after the first long-run of the semi-trailers (from the North to the South).

For easy and convenient checkups and maintenance, please pull your semi-trailers to the station only, don’t pull the containers to the station. In case your semi-trailers are freighting containers, please pay the lifting fee of the containers.

If customers don’t follow the above requirements fully, all warranties in the Maintenance Manual are invalid.

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