Semi-trailer Rental Service

1. Smart investors choose semi-trailer

Renting semi-trailers reduces the cost of input, registry, repair, and maintenance dramatically to take the initiative in the capitals. This is also the optimal option if you are a startup in cargo businesses or have infrequent goods.

2. Types of semi-trailers rentals

Skeleton semi-trailers 40 feet 2 axles, skeleton semi-trailers 40 feet 3 axles.

3. The strong points of Tan Thanh’s semi-trailer rentals

-        Semi-trailers are registered according to Vietnamese Laws

-        Semi-trailers have full insurance

-        Semi-trailers are repaired and maintained quarterly

-        Customers can exchange the semi-trailers any time in the contract term.

Tan Thanh Container specializes in supplying semi-trailers rentals (skeleton semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, dump semi-trailers) and some special semi-trailers in car/motorbike freight.

You will be satisfied with the products’ quality and semi-trailers rentals of Tan Thanh Container. Contact now to receive free consultations.

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