Semi-trailer Shipping/Lifting Service

Transporting and forklifting semi-trailers safely is not easy at all. The semi-trailers usually get broken due to the impact on long-distance transport. Tan Thanh understands the above issue so that we supply the semi-trailer transport/forklift in every branch belonging to Tan Thanh Container in the North - the Middle - the South.

Until now, Tan Thanh has been evaluated as the leading company supplying semi-trailer transport/forklift services in Vietnam. We have done business with many large-scale and small-scale companies in different places in Vietnam. Also, we receive the belief and support from our loyal customers for years. Send us your semi-trailer, Tan Thanh guarantees to perfect your demands.

1. Process of Semi-trailer Transport/Forklift Services

Step 1: Receive the customer requests

Step 2: Promote the optimal solution, plan, semi-trailer transport/forklift process.

Step 3: Implement the services as planned under the supervision of the professional technical team.

Step 4: Send the handover with semi-trailers to customers

2. Benefits of Tan Thanh semi-trailer Transport/Forklift services

  • Tan Thanh always gives priority to the customers’ benefits. We bring in the mót optimal solution to transport semi-trailer to meet the end needs of every customer.
  • Factory systems, contemporary technology, and professional teams ensure the safety of semi-trailers during the transport/forklift process.
  • Our professional driving team has many years of experience and get acquainted with the different local maps.
  • Fast and punctual delivery to save customers’ time.
  • We deliver to the indicated address as required.
  • The customer service team is always energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to answer all your inquiries.

If you are interested in our semi-trailer transport/forklift services, contact Tan Thanh to receive consultations now.

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