Semi-trailer Installment Purchase Service

Tan Thanh provides Semi-trailer installment plan services to all customers including individuals, firms, and organizations by cash or via bank transfer.

1. Strong points of Semi-trailer installment plan services

  • Simple procedure and quick process.
  • Affordable price.
  • Customers want to prepay a certain amount and divide the payment into smaller parts for an installment plan.
  • Customers receive many special offers with a genuine warranty from Tan Thanh.

2. Conditions of Semi-trailer installment plan services

For individuals:

  • Have household registration, ID card, and a sponsor (if needed).
  • Monthly income is sufficient for an installment plan.
  • Payroll, salary confirmation, bank statement.

For businesses:

  • Business registration
  • Finance reports in the late 3 years.
  • VAT return in the late 6 months.

3. Installment plan

Prepay: 30-40% of the value (depending on new/old semi-trailers)

Installment period: 12 - 36 months

Monthly payment amount = the balance/installment period + monthly/quarterly interest (bases on the agreement of two parties).

3.1 For example:

Value of semi-trailer + insurance + stamp duty = 140 million VND

Prepay 30% of value = 42 million VND

The balance = 98 million VND

Installment period: 36 months

Monthly payment amount = 2,722,000 million VND

Monthly interest = 98 million VND * monthly interest rate

If you want to get more info about the procedure, interest rate, and special offers when using Semi-trailer installment plan services, contact Tan Thanh now!

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