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What is a refrigerated container?

Refrigerated containers also known as reefers container are containers used in intermodal freight transport. That is to say that they’re used for shipping temperature-sensitive goods that require refrigeration. These containers have a built-in refrigeration unit. Refrigerated containers can keep their internal temperatures stable. They have adequate airflow and humidity control. These features will aid in the preservation of perishable goods by protecting them from spoilage caused by heat, extreme cold, a lack of adequate airflow, or excessive humidity.

These units can be charged with diesel-powered generators during transport to keep the container’s temperature consistent. ISO containers can reach and maintain temperatures of -65 to 40 degrees Celsius

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Composition of a refrigerated container

A controller unit at the front of a reefer container adjusts the temperature, ventilation, and humidity settings for specific cargo types. A refrigerated container is outfitted with a power plug cable that can be connected to a vessel, a terminal, or the truck's genset. These typically maintain a temperature range of -20 to 30 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for temperature-controlled commodities shipping.

The air exchange system in reefer units helps maintain optimal oxygen levels, keeping products fresh, while the dehumidification feature keeps the environment inside the container dry.

The body of the refrigerated container

Reefer containers are usually made from a quality, solid stainless steel frame to help withstand many goods. 

  • The outer layer is made or stainless steel.
  • The middle layer is PU with good insulation.
  • The innermost layer is corrugated stainless steel to increase the container's rigidity.

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Refrigeration system

The refrigeration system includes an air conditioner, evaporator, condenser, and compressor.

  • Air conditioners usually belong to famous brands such as Daikin, Thermoking, and Mitsubishi.
  • Evaporator: is the primary heat exchanger part of the refrigerated container, which absorbs heat from the cold environment, then boils and evaporates.
  • Condenser: Cooled by circulating air.
  • Compressor: This is considered the heart of the refrigerated container, playing the role of compressing the refrigerant from low pressure to a higher pressure.

The structure of the reefer container also includes an automatic power-off system and cooling from the blower.

How a refrigerated container works

Two fans circulate the air inside refrigerated containers. Firstly, The air is pushed downward and enters the container space via the T-bar floor. Refrigerated containers have aluminum T-bar floors that are specifically designed to allow for air circulation, which is necessary for cargo temperature maintenance. Then, The air circulates through the cargo, maintaining a constant temperature. The air is then pushed through the cooling engine again by propellers, and the process is repeated. This constant air movement keeps products fresh.

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Dimensions, sizes, and specifications for refrigerated containers

Refrigerated containers come in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and capacities. Here are some common refrigerated containers: 

kích thước container lạnh 10 feet

Overall dimension Long 9ft 9.8in 2.991
Wide 8ft 2.440
Hight 8ft 6in 2.590
Internal dimension Long 9ft 3.3in 2.828
Wide 7ft 8.5in 2.350
Hight 7ft 9.7in 2.381
Door Open Hight 7ft 6.2in 2.291
Wide 7ft 8in  2.336
Volume 16m³
Tare weight 1350kg
Net tonnage 8810kg
Max gross 10160kg
  •  20 feet reefer container

kích thước container lạnh 20 feet

Overall dimension Long 20ft 6.060
Wide 8ft 2.440
Hight 8ft 6in 2.590
Internal dimension Long 17ft 11.9in 5.485
Wide 7ft 6in 2.286
Hight 7ft 5.2in 2.265
Door Open Hight 7ft 3.6in 2.224
Wide 7ft 6in  2.286
Volume 28.4m³
Tare weight 3200kg
Net tonnage 27280kg
Max gross 30480kg

kích thước container lạnh 40 feet

Overall dimension Long 40ft 12.190
Wide 8ft 2.440
Hight 8ft 6in 2.590
Internal dimension Long 37ft 11in 11.558
Wide 7ft 6.2in 2.291
Hight 7ft 3.6in 2.224
Door Open Hight 7ft 2.2in 2.191
Wide 7ft 6.2in 2.291
Volume 58.92m³
Tare weight 4110kg
Net tonnage 28390kg
Max gross 32500kg
  • 45 feet refrigerated containers

kích thước container lạnh 45 feet

Overall dimension Long 45ft 13.716
Wide 8ft 2.4in 2.500
Hight 9ft 6in 2.896
Internal dimension Long 44ft 5.7in 13.556
Wide 8ft  2.440
Hight 8ft 10.1in 2.695
Door Open Hight 8ft 5.8in 2.585
Wide 7ft 11.1in 2.416
Volume 86.1m³
Tare weight 4800kg
Net tonnage 25680kg
Max gross 32480kg

Benefit of using refrigerated containers:

The below are the main benefits of reefer units:

  • A refrigerated container helps to extend product shelf life.
  • With the same container, these can be divided into different segments for frozen and chilled goods. Temperature settings for additional segments are also possible.
  • Refrigerated containers come in a variety of sizes and external and internal dimensions, and they can be used to ship perishable cargo, pharmaceuticals, and other products by land or sea.
  • Reefer containers are ideal for use in harsh weather conditions.
  • Because they can be shipped on various types of carriers across land and sea, they provide a better return on investment than reefer ships.
  • Refrigerated containers can avoid cold storage when they arrive at their final destination.
  • A reefer container is simple to load and transport.
  • A Refrigerated container is easy to load and unload.

Advantages of Tân Thanh Container's refrigerated container

Tân Thanh reefer containers are favored by the following outstanding advantages:

  • The American imported evaporator (Thermo King, Carrier, Daikin, Mitsubishi) helps to cool quickly in a short time.
  • Reefer containers are protected by a 100% stainless steel frame, can be placed outdoors, very durable.
  • Standard temperature control and good preservation of food.
  • Compact size for easy portability.
  • Insulation processing technology saves cooling materials by up to 15% compared to conventional reefer containers.
  • High load capacity, can transport many goods.
  • Form insulation has high durability, good heat retention.
  • Genuine air conditioning system, cold group helps to cool quickly, operate well, with few problems.
    Always keep a stable temperature to preserve safe and quality products.
  • Easily transport particularly flexible cargo to desired locations using specialized trailers. This is the biggest advantage that a traditional cold storage does not have.
  • It does not take time to build a warehouse, saving costs but still ensuring the efficiency of goods preservation.
  • Easy to dispose of when not in use.

Tân Thanh Container (Tân Thanh Mechanical Trading Corporation) is a leading global container manufacturer based in Vietnam with a proud history dating back to 1994. We have established a reputation as a reliable and innovative provider of high-quality container solutions to clients around the world.

Our product range includes a variety of container types to suit diverse needs, such as storage containers, refrigerated containers, office containers, sanitary containers, container houses, open-side containers, clinic containers, and custom-sized containers. We are proud to serve customers in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and many others. Our focus on quality, customer service, and flexibility has enabled us to establish a strong presence in these markets.

The following are the steps for ordering a refrigerated container from Tân Thanh Container in Vietnam for international shipping.

  • Decide on the type and size of the refrigerated container you require.
  • To request a quote, please contact Tân Thanh Container via email, phone, or website.
  • Obtain a quote and go over all applicable fees.
  • Payment can be made by wire transfer, credit card
  • Make arrangements for delivery or pick-up at Tân Thanh Container in Vietnam.
  • Prepare all necessary shipping documentation.

In addition to our high-quality products and services, we also offer quick support and transportation-added services to ensure our clients receive the best possible experience. Our global shipping capabilities ensure timely delivery, no matter where our clients are located.

We take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to meet the evolving needs of our clients. If you are looking for a reliable and flexible container supplier, please don't hesitate to contact us at or call our Quick Support (+7 GMT - 8:00 to 17:30) at +84 968 039 939. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our products and services.


  • What exactly is a non-operational reefer container?

--> Non-operational reefers are shipping containers that have their refrigeration units turned off. These can be used to store goods, usually stored in a dry container. Due to a lack of demand, shipping companies use these as dry boxes rather than leaving them idle or returning them to their origin as empty containers.

  • What are gensets for refrigerated containers?

--> Gensets or generator sets are essential for a reefer container. These are used when a regular shore power supply is unavailable for reefers. A reefer container needs a constant supply of power and gensets to ensure that there are no interruptions in cooling and your goods are not spoiled.

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