Container Repair/Renovation/Design Service

1. What is Container?

Container is a large capacity box that is designed, planned, and standardized according to the international standard ISO for intermodal freight transport (landway, waterway, railway, and airway) to reduce costs of input, transport, equipment, storage, and detention.

Containers have many types and sizes, but the general use is to transport and store goods.  The amount of imported and exported goods at ports around the world is referred to as TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit).

Containers have some common sizes such as 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft. Cargo firms usually buy new containers and sell the old ones to guarantee the quality of goods in transportation. The old containers are usually employed by repairing, upgrading, renovating, and converting the uses to meet the diverse demands of customers. Thanks to the high standard with corten high-tensile steels that can withstand different harsh environments, the containers are absolutely able to reuse. The reuse of the containers should receive consultations from an expert who owns the international certificate from IICL (Institute of International Container Lessors) or a mechanical engineer because the container structure is designed to carry goods only.

2. What can an old container become after being upgraded/renovated?

Some common uses of old containers are a warehouse, an office, a shop, a café, a house, a hotel, a motel, storage, a cultivation place, a shrimp farm, a septic tank, etc.

The application of containers is endless and the only concern is the cost.

3. The cost to renovate a container is not affordable, so when to choose a container?

  1. Temporary settlement: you usually relocate or intend to relocate.
  2. You care about the environment, the waste of materials, and want to recycle as much as possible.
  3. You love the container and its wildness.

4. Criteria for a high-quality dry container

  1. WWST (wind, water, sunlight tight): waterproof, wind-proof, light-proof.
  2. The structure achieves IICL5 standard and doesn’t distort much due to the strong impact; the door can close/open easily; floor, roof, wall, and girder are secured.
  3. Has a valid CSC plate or is eligible to extend/qualify for CW (Cargo Worthy) shipping.

5. Reputable Construction Design Agents for containers

In Vietnam, many agents supply the service to design, construct, renovate, and upgrade used containers. Choosing a prestigious agent with high quality and great after-sales services is save-costing a lot.

Being a prestigious business enterprise in both Vietnam and the International market, Tan Thanh Container always pioneers in the quality of design, manufacture, container supplication and rentals service. Tan Thanh Container guarantees the quality of all rental products to satisfy all quality criteria above in WWST, IICL 5, and CW when we transfer them to customers. With a stable, legal, and abundant source of the containers. Tan Thanh Container can satisfy any demands in small/large container rental in long or short terms of customers at a competitive price.

You will be satisfied with the products’ quality and after-sales services of Tan Thanh Container. Contact now to receive free consultations.

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