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Tank containers are often used to transport special liquids, serving the transportation needs of many businesses. Thanks to its outstanding advantages, tank containers are increasingly popular and used.

What is a tank container?

A tank container is a multimodal container used to transport liquids, gases and powders such as bulk cargo. Tank containers are manufactured according to ISO standards - known as ISO tanks, suitable for different modes of transport. Hazardous and non-hazardous liquid, gas and powder products can all be transported by Tank Containers.

Classification of tank containers

Depending on the purpose of use, one can classify tank containers in two ways:

  • Classification by size: Usually there are 20-foot tank containers, 40-foot tank containers, …
  • Classification by volume: Tank containers 21000 liters, 24000 liters, 25000 liters, 26000 liters...
  • Classification by manufacturing materials: Aluminum tank containers, steel tank containers, ...

Application of tank container

Tank containers are often used to carry liquid materials such as:

  • Transport engine oil, gas, mercury, etc. flammable liquids efficiently.
  • In addition, there are a number of other types of tank containers specialized for transporting oil, plastics, turpentine, milk, beer, and mineral water.

Tank container size

The standard size of 20 feet tank container is as follows:

  • Dimensions: Width 2.44 x Length 6.06 x Height 2.59 mm
  • Volume: 21,000L
  • Case weight: 3,070 kg
  • Cargo weight: 27,410kg
  • Maximum weight with case: 30,480kg

Specifications may vary depending on requirements and place of manufacture.

Advantages of tank containers

  • Tank containers use high-quality materials to help ensure the quality of goods, limit damage as well as losses due to impacts during transportation.
  • Durable, long life, less affected by the impact of weather.
  • Meeting the needs of use on all terrains, from flat to rough, the tank is capable of withstanding without any signs of cracking.
  • Save fuel while operating.
  • Carry many feet of water without compromising the quality of tanks and trucks.

Latest tank container quotation

The selling price of a tank container depends on the size and type of different tank containers. In addition, the selling price of tank containers will vary depending on customer needs, usually if the customer buys a larger quantity, the price will be more favorable.

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Where to buy reputable tank containers?

With 25 years of experience in the industry, Tan Thanh is proud to be the leading supplier and rental of tank containers in Vietnam today, trusted by many customers with the following advantages:

The ability to produce bulk tank containers

With a large production scale and a team of highly qualified engineers, Tan Thanh annually supplies the market with quality tank containers to meet the ever-expanding needs of the industry.

High quality tank container

Tan Thanh tank container product line has high quality, has been confirmed in the market for many years, is manufactured on advanced technology lines according to international standards, undergoes rigorous testing before being shipped. .

Good service - competitive price

With a diverse source of tank containers, Tan Thanh provides most of the needs of buying/renting a variety of tank containers depending on the unique requirements of customers. Especially, flexible rental period long-term, short-term, rental by trip with competitive price.

Other attractive accompanying services

In addition to providing and leasing home containers, Tan Thanh containers also receive repair, inspection and supply of container materials according to IICL standards,...

Tan Thanh Container is proud to be a reputable and quality tank container supplier

Tan Thanh Container has many years of experience in buying, selling and renting tank containers with a series of large and small projects confident to meet all the needs of customers. Tan Thanh is always a pioneer in the field of providing services for container products, along with a team of experienced, professional and enthusiastic staff, we are always looking for diverse solutions to ensure products quality at the best cost.

When using tank container products at Tan Thanh Container, customers can rest assured with perfect product quality and service:

  • The most competitive price with 100% commitment of good quality tank containers.
  • Design and deliver tank containers in accordance with the contract.
  • Professional service nationwide.
  • Supported wholeheartedly from consultation, purchase, service use and after-sale.

In addition to tank containers, Tan Thanh Container also provides many other container products including: refrigerated containers, office containers, home containers, dry containers, open-top containers, open-wall containers, Clinic containers, toilet containers.. . with agents and branches all over Vietnam.

If you are in need of buying, selling or renting containers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or many other provinces, please contact Tan Thanh immediately for the earliest support.

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