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Vehicle inspection - process and things needed to know

Vehicle inspection - process and things needed to know

Vehicle inspection is a form of quality inspection by the specialized agency, they will check all machinery inside and outside of the vehicle to see if there is any standard, whether it needs repair to ensure safety for the driver and the people in traffic

So why must we inspect?

Inspection is a mandatory procedure to ensure safety & environmental protection when vehicles join traffic. If the vehicle is out of inspection when circulating, rains and environmental pollution will increase, both loss of aesthetics and unsafe.

As a user, when buying a vehicle, he has an inspection certificate. It has the chassis number, engine number and basic specifications of the car you bought. Also indicate the effective date of the inspection papers. If it is still valid, then use it, if it is about to expire, you should prepare your profile for re-inspection.

Term of Vehicle inspection

On the stamp inspection stamped on the front windshield with the expiration date (see picture below). The inspection period varies according to the type of vehicle, and the age of the vehicle.

For example, with Semi trailers, the time limit for the first inspection is 2 years, the following times are 1 year.

Specifically for each type of vehicle, according to the provisions of Circular No. 70/2015/TT-BGTVT dated November 9, 2015 as follows.


Type of vehicle

Period (month)

First period

Next periods

1. vehicles having up to 09 seats not serving the transport business 


Vehicle age not exceeding 07 years



Vehicle age exceeding 07 years but not exceeding 12 years



Vehicle age exceeding 12 years



2. vehicles having up to 09 seats serving the transport business; vehicles having more than 09 seats


Not modified (*)




Modified (*)



3. Trucks, dedicated vehicles, tractors, trailers, semi-trailers


Trucks, dedicated vehicles and tractors whose ages are not exceeding 07 years; trailer and semi-trailer whose ages are not exceeding 12 years



Trucks, dedicated vehicles and tractors whose ages are exceeding 07 years; trailers and semi-trailers whose ages are exceeding 12 years




Modified (*)



4.  vehicles having more than 09 seats whose age is at least 25 years; Truck and truck tractors whose ages are at least 20 years



Based on the table above to know the next inspection of the vehicle will be for how long and prepare documents inspection.

Vehicle inspection ở đâu?

As a rule, you can inspect at any inspection center that you find convenient. There are over 90 inspection centers nationwide, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City. With a large number of centers and located in most of the provinces, it is also easy to choose for users of transport.


See list of inspection centers here:

How about the Vehicle inspection fee?

Below are the fees for each type of vehicle, according to Circular No. 114/2013/TT-BTC.


Types of vehicles



Trucks, or tractor and semi-trailer with the payload of over 20 tonnes, or special-purpose vehicle



Trucks, or tractor and semi-trailer with the payload of over 7 tonnes but not exceeding 20 tonnes, or tractors of all kind



Trucks with the payload of over 2 tonnes but not exceeding 7 tonnes,



Trucks with the payload of up to 2 tonnes



Bong Sen tractor, agricultural vehicle or the like



Trailers or semi-trailers



Coaches or buses with more than 40 seats ( including driver’s seat)



Coaches or buses with 25 to 40 seats ( including driver’s seat)



Coaches or buses with 10 to 24 seats ( including driver’s seat)



Cars with fewer than 10 seats, or ambulances


In addition, you could pay the road maintenance fee at the time of re-inspection, and, conveniently, buy civil liability insurance (if your insurance is going to expire soon).

Vehicle inspection procedures

When doing Vehicle inspection, you need to bring originals of 3 documents:

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Old inspection paper (about to expire)

To avoid waiting long, you should go early of the day. Many centers work on Saturday mornings, so if you are busy during a week you can call in advance, and arrange to come to work on weekends for convenience.

When you arrive, you drive in, give papers to the inspection staff to check frame number, machine number. After checking, they issue numbered votes. You clip on the same documents mentioned above and then submit it to the recipient, and pay a fee of VND 180,000 (with Semi trailers).


After that, wait for the driver to come out (about 5-10 minutes). After the inspection of the vehicle is finished, you put the vehicle in the place to wait for the stamp, and then wait for the papers back. After signing to get the papers and go to the vehicle, you continue to wait for the inspection officer to paste a new inspection. After stamping, you have completed the new search procedure.

If it is fast, the total time is only about half an hour to finish.

In terms of regulation, according to Circular 70/2015/TT-BGTVT, there are 5 stages and many inspection items to be checked visually, manually, by specialized equipment. If you ensure all the checks, your vehicle passes.

In case your vehicle does not meet the standards, you will receive a notice of existing defects and damage, for repair. Depending on the severity and light weight, it can be overcome quickly or slowly, whether it is necessary to enter the garage or not.

There are many errors leading to the possibility of not passing the Vehicle inspection, including many quite simple errors such as broken turn signals, inactivated wipers ... Pretty helpful advice is: before doing inspection again, you should pay attention to maintain the vehicle, or hit through the garage so that they can check first and fix the errors that are likely to be inspection dot fail.