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Tan Thanh participated in the seminar "Connecting supply and demand of the Vietnam Mechanics and Supporting Industry"

Tan Thanh participated in the seminar "Connecting supply and demand of the Vietnam Mechanics and Supporting Industry"

On June 17, 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Heavy Industry, Industry and Trade Newspaper - Ministry of Industry and Trade held a Workshop - Exhibition "Connecting supply and demand of the Vietnam Mechanics and Supporting Industry - 2016".

Attending the workshop, there were representatives of the Departments of the Government Office, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Construction, State Bank of Vietnam, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; People's Committees of provinces and cities, professional associations, economic organizations, enterprises, donors and media agencies of Central and Ho Chi Minh City and representatives of more than 200 enterprises operating in Mechanical, supporting industry.

Supporting industry (SI) is the cornerstone of the main industry and the backbone of the national industry. Supporting industry plays a very important role in the process of Industrialization - Modernization of the country, deciding on production costs, improving the added value of the final product and product competitiveness.

From right to right: Mr. Nguyen Huu Quy - Head Editor of Cong Thuong Newspaper, Mr. Truong Thanh Hoai - Director of Department of Heavy Industry, Mr. Nguyen Phuong Dong - Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade.

Identifying the important role of supporting industry development, in recent years, the state has issued a series of documents aimed at promoting the development of supporting industries, notably the promulgation of the Decree No. 111/ND-CP dated November 3, 2015 of the Government, officially effective from January 1, 2016.

At the seminar, Ms. Kieu Ngoc Phuong, Deputy General Director - Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation said that as the largest assembler and manufacturer of container & ROM trailer in Vietnam, Ms. Phuong wanted the state to have more supporting policies as well as capital so that enterprises in the industrial sector, supporting industries in general and the mechanical and electrical industries in particular could grow faster, contributing to the economic development of the country. On the other hand, with Vietnam's participation in FTAs, TPP, especially the ASEAN economic community, Ms. Phuong also proposed to the leaders to create many favorable conditions for Vietnamese enterprises to participate in the global goods supply chain.

Ms. Kieu Ngoc Phuong - Deputy General Director of Tan Thanh speaking

Mr. Truong Thanh Hoai - Director of the Department of Heavy Industry (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said: “With the role of State management on supporting industries, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will always accompany enterprises and especially SI enterprises to absorb enterprises' opinions to improve policies for the development of supporting industries. It is also expected that after this seminar, enterprises will understand  better the State's policies on supporting industries and production plans, enterprises entitled to enjoy preferential policies.

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