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3 things you need to know when using Refrigerated containers

3 things you need to know when using Refrigerated containers

This article will tell small enterprises, transport companies some notes in order to properly use the Refrigerated container to bring the highest efficiency. Please contact us right after this article at 1900 5757 38 for more valuable advice for our units when using Refrigerated containers.


3 notes you need to know when using Refrigerated containers

To ensure the best performance, apply the following Refrigerated container tips immediately:

  • First, about the temperature: you need to make sure to adjust the temperature accordingly. Refrigerated container temperature at -30°C to 30°C. Want food and food not to be damaged, drivers need to adjust dynamically depending on each item. For example, bananas should be kept at temperatures from 3 -4°C, fresh coconut 5°C, fish below 0°C (about 5°F). 
  • Second, about ventilation: Need to ensure ventilation for Refrigerated containers, avoid condensation in the product walls, avoid affecting the quality of preservatives.
  • Third, in addition during transportation, drivers should also check regularly if transporting Refrigerated containers over long distances. This will help avoid the phenomenon of containers that are not cold enough or too cold, affecting goods that lead to inefficient business, ...

In addition, some old Refrigerated Container sellers currently do not support setting up the temperature in advance or cannot guarantee the continuous and stable operation of the refrigeration system, customers need to carefully check this item so that it does not happen. problem when using the product.

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