Canvas Container

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General information

The canvas container was renovated from the dry container by opening side container. 1 sides of container is covered by canvas. 

The canvas container makes moving goods up and down easily and quickly.

Details Products
  Function Advantage
Tarpaulin Roller Used to pull the canvas to one side, making it easy to transport goods Easy to operate, light pull, high durability
Canvas rail Pull the canvas Japanese standard steel, durable


Light pull

Turnbuckle canvas Stretch the canvas Function like a lock, easy to use, secure, tight, smooth
Pillar Fix the top of the container Japanese standard steel, solid
Frame Protect to against spilling goods. Japanese standard steel, solid
Canvas Waterproof in bad weather conditions. Korean canvas, waterproof, durable, 1 year warranty
Locker   Easy to operate, high durability
    • High quality canvas, waterproof, light-reflective canvas helps preserve goods.
    • Japanese technology tarpaulin roller has high durability, easy to operate, light pull.
    • Turnbuckle canvas with function like a lock, easy to use, secure, tight, smooth
    • Pillar is Japanese standard steel, solid
    • The iron frame is sturdy, protect to against spilling goods.
    • Open side container saves time on loading and unloading goods

Canvas container is used to transport beer and soft drinks


52 Feet Canvas container

Specification External Internal
Length 15.800 mm 15.300 mm
Width 2.438 mm 2.352 mm
Height 2.896 mm 2.698 mm
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