Tan Thanh conducted the Free Eye Surgery Program

Tan Thanh conducted the Free Eye Surgery Program

On Sunday, August 20th, 2017, Tan Thanh sponsored the program of Free eye examination and surgery for more than 300 people.

This is a program for the community of Tan Thanh company. Conducting the program, Tan Thanh’s employees shared and sympathized with many people in difficult circumtances in society. Bringing light to people suffering from eye diseases such as cataracts is very practical, thereby patients can live normally and have a more hopeful life.

Through the program, Tan Thanh wants to spread the message that "Life will be much more beautiful if we can sympathize and share with others."

More than 150 people have been treated with free eye surgeries, more than 300 people have had their eyes examined. All were given free lunch and milk to recover their health quickly after the surgeries.

The small but thoughtful gifts were given by Tan Thanh with the most sincere sympathy and sharing.

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