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What is a septic tank? Should we use septic tanks?

What is a septic tank? Should we use septic tanks?
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What is a septic tank that more and more people mention and appreciate? Should we use septic tanks? Let’s read this article right away to find the correct answer. Believe that the valuable shares below will not waste your time at all.

What is a septic tank?


The model appeared for the first time in France since 1860. The tank is capable of preliminary or complete cleaning of wastewater from the building before being discharged into the drainage network.

The tank is made of many materials but has the common feature of outstanding durability, no oxidation caused by external effects. In particular, the product is also easy to install and suitable for spaces with narrow areas.

Thanks to this model, our living environment becomes clean, especially in large, densely populated cities, significantly reducing pollution. This is the reason why septic tanks are becoming a trend that many families choose.

Should we use septic tanks?

The biggest advantages of a septic tank are as follows:

  • The tank has a solid structure, minimizing waste leakage, polluting the water source as well as the surrounding environment.
  • The product is also shock resistant so it possesses the expected durability even when installed in harsh outdoor environments such as heavy rain, heavy storms, and strong sunlight.
  • The model is easy to install, highly maneuverable and reusable so it saves a lot of costs.
  • Tan Thanh container septic tanks with a large chamber volume, especially suitable for construction projects, public works, outdoor events ... In addition, many Tan Thanh’s customers choose this product.

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