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Repairing reefer containers, do not ignore these!

Repairing reefer containers, do not ignore these!

Are you looking for service of repairing reefer containers with the lowest cost and fastest time? Are you interested in the best reefer repair service? Read the useful information below.

Reefer container repair process


After a period of use, reefer containers may experience technical problems in operation or damage to external parts due to impact. That's when you need to fix it in order to keep reusing them. However, someone does not know the process of repairing reefer containers. When you have a problem, you need to immediately perform the following 3-step process:


  1. Checking the container

Before repairing, you should check the reefer container to determine what the container damage is to be repaired. The parts to be checked include:

  • Check inside reefer container
  • Check the reefer container door
  • Check the clean condition of reefer containers
  • Check the specifications of the reefer container and other parts

If you have technical knowledge of reefer containers, this step can be done on your own. On the contrary, if you do not really understand the problem, you should immediately call a mechanical expert for advice.

  1. Get advice from a technician or a mechanical engineer for refrigerated container repair service

Mechanical engineers will help you conduct an overall re-examination on the reefer container. The inspection will also be conducted following the steps outlined above.

After checking, they will make an assessment and conclude on the condition of your container. Depending on the extent of damage that your container has, mechanical experts will quote reefer repair service prices for your reference.

  1. Repair the reefer container

After you know the problem of the container and the price list for the repair service, find yourself a reputable reefer repair unit to repair. Repairs must be done quickly because your container needs to be reused early to prevent wasting time and affecting the economic benefits.

The best place for refrigerated container repair?


Advise you the place to fix reefer containers in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are in Ho Chi Minh City or neighboring provinces then this is great news for you. Tan Thanh Company specializes in selling containers and providing the best reefer repair service in the market today.

At the Service Station of Repairing and trading in refrigerated containers in HCMC

Address: 940, National Highway 1A, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC

Tan Thanh Container Ho Chi Minh City provides reefer repair service with the following advantages:

- Free check and consultation when using the Company's reefer repair service.

- Professional technical staff, complete the repair in the fastest time.

- Ensuring the cheapest repair service price in the market, the most accurate quote for each repair item.

- Use genuine spare parts and materials according to international standards.

- Always guarantee the reefer container after repairing. Conducting periodic inspections according to customer requirements.

With many years of operation in the container industry, Tan Thanh Company has met the needs of containers and reefer repair services for thousands of customers.

With Tan Thanh Container, you will definitely receive a full consultation on our services. Please contact us at hotline 1900 57 57 38 to receive services with the best prices.