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Program of free surgery for children suffering from "Cleft Lip"

Program of free surgery for children suffering from "Cleft Lip"

In the world every 3 minutes, 1 baby is born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. In Vietnam, it is estimated that 3,000 newborn babies are affected each year with this malformation. The physical defects not only make the face unattractive, but also make it difficult for children in daily activities.


On October 9, 2017, at Tran Hung Dao Dental Hospital, District 1, a completely open-mouth surgery is completely free for children under 15 years old. This is one of the meaningful and humane activities, we often join hands with the community to bring smiles to children "For the smile of children", lighting up the belief in love of life for them, the future of the country.

The specific program is as follows:

** Open hear ( USA): 09/10-13/10/2017 cleft lip-jaw, facial injury

** Surgicorps (USA): 29 / 10-06 / 11/2017 cleft lip and jaw, burn scar on the face

** Japan- Canada: 20 / 11-24 / 11/2017 the cleft palate

Location: Ham Face Dental Hospital (263-265 Tran Hung Dao, District 1, HCMC)

Contact: Ms. Kiều (Tell: 0949.825.846)