News ellipse 03/12/2020

Benefits from Reusing Old Container

Benefits from Reusing Old Container

Nowadays, containers play a very important role in the transport of goods. The image of containers stacking on giant ships or in busy international seaports has become familiar to everyone. A standard container is made entirely of steel, reinforced with corrugated steel walls, capable of loading winds up to 200km/h, capable of loading the corrosive effects of seawater. However, you may not know that in the world every year, millions of containers are newly produced and used, and there are also so many old containers that are forgotten, lying in vain at ports and yards, this is really is a huge waste.

By reusing old containers for offices, homes, shops, cell phone stations. .. Tan Thanh Container has been giving old containers a new life, making them more and more useful. Also by giving soul to old containers, Tan Thanh Container has also contributed to creating a green and clean world. Container material is made of steel, which is recyclable, and since their structure is so sturdy, it can be reused many times. This helps to minimize the use of other materials leading to minimal impact on the environment, limited exploitation of resources and less waste pollution.

Container when put to use in the architectural works are prepared in advance at the fabrication factories. Here, they are covered with an extra layer of insulation and open more doors according to usage needs. Even the interior part is precisely designed to each centimeter, which helps shorten construction time. Since then, in addition to cost reduction, noise as well as pollution in the construction area is also greatly reduced. With all the above advantages, the cost of a container project is much lower than other projects using other materials. The container is also highly maneuverable and can easily be moved from one region to another. The installation of containers also does not require a large space, suitable for all types of terrain.

Maybe every day, you hear many calls to make greener life from environmental organizations. How did you respond to their call? The answer is to start with things that really matter, save natural resources, save time and money. You are an employee working at Tan Thanh Company, I am sure you are an exemplary citizen who constantly struggles for a green, clean and beautiful environment. Each product created by Tan Thanh has high applicability, contributing to making the working environment of the workers on the construction site safer; a number of office container products go hand in hand with charitable funds traveling all over the country to eliminate computer and foreign language blindness for children in remote areas; Some other container products are used as telephone transmitting stations, day and night connecting to the whole country to help millions of Vietnamese people to share their joys and sorrows, contributing to a better life.

In short, the recycling of old containers has brought many practical benefits to the community. If you are directly involved in this recycling meaning you are doing meaningful work, silently contributing to a better life, be proud of it.