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News ellipse 30/11/2020

Answer 5 frequently asked questions about Goose-neck semi trailers for whom may concern


Goose-neck semi trailers with reefer containers are large-sized means of transport used to transport important goods today, especially goods that need a stable temperature during transportation such as frozen food, fruit, vegetables, medical equipment, seafood .. Many customers already know about this trailer, but have many difficulties in grasping the complete information about the product. The article will share 5 useful information about them that you cannot ignore.

What is Goose-neck trailer?

Goose-neck trailers are road vehicles, constructed and equipped to carry goods and pulled by a tractor. Goose-neck trailers are used to carry reefer containers. The enterprises that use this product are usually those that transport frozen goods or goods that need a stable temperature as mentioned above.

  1. What is the maximum load capacity of the Goose-neck semi trailers?

There are different types of loads, depending on the design structure. With a 40 feet 3-axis Goose-neck trailers, the load capacity allowed for traffic is over 33.5 tons. As for the 45-feet 3-axle Goose-neck trailers, the load capacity allowed for traffic is over 38 tons. That is an impressive number for freight enterprises.

  1. Goose-neck trailers hiện bán trên thị trường Vietnam có xuất xứ từ đâu?

Các sản phẩm bán trên thị trường Vietnam hiện nay do đơn vị trong nước sản xuất hoặc nhập khẩu từ nước ngoài. Trong đó nổi bật là các sản phẩm được sản xuất từ enterprises uy tín lâu năm, được các transportation enterprises tin dùng, đồng thời có mạng lưới bảo hành, chăm sóc khách hàng tại nhiều tỉnh thành trên cả nước.

  1. Are Goose-neck trailers expensive?

Many products made in Vietnam are cheaper than imported products but their quality is still superior. Goose-neck semi trailers are trailers with many great advantages in terms of structure, load capacity, tire grip, safety ... Depending on the needs and financial conditions of the company, customers will choose products. fit. In addition, factors related to genuine parts, steel quality, suspension systems, axles, rims, shells ... also affect product costs.

  1. Where to buy Goose-neck trailers at a good price?

Goose-neck semi trailers are now widely sold in the Vietnamese market. If you need a reputable, professional and good quality unit, you can learn about Goose-neck semi trailers of Tan Thanh Company, a leading unit in the manufacturing sector, quickly selling all kinds of Semi trailers today. Contact hotline 1900 5757 38 for detailed instructions and a quick and accurate quote.

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