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Tan Thanh sponsors the annual members’ meeting of the Transport Cooperative No. 9

In order to summarize the implementation of development goals in 2015 and set out the direction and tasks for 2016, recently, on December 18th, the Transport Cooperative No. 9 held the 2015 annual members’ meeting.

In the meeting, the attendants gave the advantages and disadvantages of the logistics industry in 2015. Overall, the year of 2015 continued to be a successful year for the Transport Cooperatives No. 9. Under the wise leadership and management of the Executive Board of the Cooperative and the efforts of its diligent members, the targets compared to that of 2014 and 2015 have both grown and exceeded the expected plan.

Based on the business performance in 2015, as well as assessment of opportunities and challenges in 2016, the Executive Committee of the Cooperative presented in front of the members the targets of human resource development and production, business plans in 2016.

Before the closing of the meeting, the Cooperatives’ members voted to approve the Reports and Proposals. The Reports and the Proposals were approved by all the members.

The Meeting ended successfully.

Tan Thanh as the main sponsor of the meeting, Mr. Le Anh Chuong - Sales Director of Semi Romooc presented to the members on the production scale and product quality standards of Tan Thanh. Also on this occasion, Tan Thanh Company gave the Transport Cooperative No. 9 5 vouchers worth VND 5,000,000 VND.

Mr. Le Thanh Chuong gifted the vouchers to the Transport Cooperative’s representative