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Tan Thanh Responded to the Workers Month in 2014

In the morning of April 26th, the Labor Federation of Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City opened the "6th worker month". In  this year's Worker Month, in addition to the activities of taking care of the material and spiritual lives of employees, the organizer would focus on encouraging employees to accompany enterprises to overcome difficulties and develop production and business activities. From now to July 2014, there will be a number of activities: Meeting - Dialogue; The 9th hour; Accompanying with enterprises; Overcoming difficulties with workers - Loving heart and good working month - Golden hands ...

The district Labor federation suggested the grassroots trade unions encourage workers to actively respond to the movement of good employees - creatively working, actively share difficulties with industry and support enterprises to stabilize labor relations. Immediately after the opening ceremony, the sports festival for employees held by Thu Duc district took place excitingly with 2 competitions of bag jumping and tug of war. The athletes of Tan Thanh participated in boxing and won the second prize of tug of war, the third prize in bag jumping.