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Tan Thanh Company sponsored eye surgeries for poor patients in 2020.

On June 14th, 2020, at Nguyen Trai Hospital, Tan Thanh Trading Mechanic Corporation cooperated with the Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients of Ho Chi Minh City, physicians and doctors of Nguyen Trai Hospital to organize a charity program of doing eye surgery (cataract surgery) for free for 100 poor patients.

Tan Thanh Company sponsored the program of free eye surgery for poor patients

The eye is one of our most important sensory organs so eye diseases significantly affect daily our activities, especially for poor patients. Accordingly, the demand for surgery and treatment of people who have cataracts is very high, especially of people in remote rural areas and people in difficult circumstances.

Through this program, Tan Thanh Company hopes that we could share the difficulties faced by poor patients with eye diseases. We, together with the physicians, doctors try to treat eye diseases for patients, such as cataracts, so that the patients can have normal lives.

On that day, there were 100 patients who were examined and undergone surgeries for free by doctors and physicians of the high-tech eye department at Nguyen Trai Hospital. After undergoing the eye surgery, each patient received a small gift from Tan Thanh with sincere sympathy and sharing.

Ms. Tran Dieu Canh – General Director of Tan Thanh Trading Mechanic Corporation speaking at the event
Ms. Tran Thanh Long – the President of the Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients of Ho Chi Minh City speaking at the event

This is a practical and humanitarian activity helping people in difficult circumstances reduce the financial burden, facilitating their living conditions and getting better health care. The joys and happiness shown on the patient's faces after being treated are great motivation for Tan Thanh Company, the Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients of Ho Chi Minh City as well as the physicians and doctors of the hospital.

Tan Thanh Company hopes that such meaningful activity will be spread in the community bringing "light gifts" to more people.

Below are some further pictures of the event.

Tan Thanh’s employees as volunteers guiding patients to the waiting area

Before the surgery, the patients underwent medical examinations such as blood pressure check, cardiovascular check, blood tests,…

Ms. Tran Dieu Canh talked to and encouraged patients in the area waiting for eye surgeries
and represented Tan Thanh to answer questions from the Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV)

Eye surgeries were performed in the sterile area with modern equipment and machines by the team of professional and dedicated doctors.

After the eye surgeries, the patients were provided with medicine and instructed carefully by physicians and doctors.

Happy expression of a patient after the eye surgery
The representative of the high-tech eye department of Nguyen Trai Hospital instructing patients to carefully care their eyes after the surgeries.
A patient who participated in the program share her feelings after she was treated.

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