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News ellipse 30/11/2020

Why choose semi trailers from Tan Thanh?

Currently on the market there are many manufacturers and distributors of Semi trailers. That causes many difficulties for customers in choosing a good supplier. So, if you are interested in this product, let’s read the helpful article below.

What are semi trailers?

Semi trailers are a type of vehicle used to connect tractors and a portion of the weight is placed on the tractor. This is a vehicle commonly used in the transport industry because it withstands large loads in the transport of goods.

What types of Semi trailers are there?

Semi trailers come in a variety of varieties. Each type has a specific design of structure and load capacity to suit different uses such as carrying people, goods, equipment, fuel ...

In Vietnam today, the popular type is semi trailers for transporting goods, equipment and fuel. Some types of Semi trailer that are being widely distributed and used in our country can be mentioned as:

  • Skeletal Semi Trailers
  • Goose-neck semi trailers
  • Flatbed semi trailers
  • cargo box semi trailers
  • Xitec semi trailers
  • Ben semi trailers
  • Terminal semi trailers

Who buy Semi trailers?

All large and small-sized trucking companies need Semi trailers because their transport capacity is excellent. Not only that, but enterprises operating outside of the transport sector always need their own means of transport for the transportation of their goods without having to hire them when needed.

This shows the special importance of Semi trailers in business activities of enterprises today. If your company specializes in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of goods to the market, a suitable specialized Semi trailer is essential.

How to buy a durable semi trailer?

To make it easier for your business to choose the suitable Semi trailer, before buying this vehicle, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Clearly define the type of Semi trailer suitable for the goods of the business

Each type of cargo or group of cargo products will suit different Semi trailer types.

For example, Goose-neck semi trailers are specifically designed for the transport of reefer containers. If your enterprise specializes in supplying all kinds of goods by reefer containers, it is necessary to buy Goose-neck semi trailers. For liquid goods such as gasoline, a tank Semi trailer is required.

Besides, depending on the needs of transporting a specific cargo volume, you also need to choose the type of Semi trailer with suitable payload design. This is a very important note that cannot be ignored.

  • Study the specifications of the Semi trailer carefully

All information related to the product such as design, load, axle, tire, balance system, brake,… must be fully, detailed and specific on the product. That is also the information that you need to learn carefully to choose the product of good quality and suitable for the freight of the company.

For example, with a Petroleum tank Semi trailer, you need to choose the right tank made from high quality aluminum alloy and carbon steel; Designed in the form of an elliptical cylinder, standard thickness, tight, no distortion. In addition, the oil tank must be equipped with the following components such as: ground wire, ladder, warning text.

  • Find out specifically about the company that offers Semi trailer

A reputable and professional company will have a wide variety of products in terms of designs, production capacity and large enough factory scale. On the other hand, they need to have a specific regime in the transaction and warranty, good after-sales customer care.

Why should you choose Semi trailers of Tan Thanh?

Currently there are many companies producing and supplying Semi trailers to the market. It is important that you choose the right place to sell a good-quality Semi trailer at a reasonable price. Let's see why thousands of customers have chosen to buy the Semi trailer of Tan Thanh company!

  • Semi trailers of Tan Thanh has the best quality in the market

Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation is currently providing the market with many outstanding products. The more important thing is the quality and price factor of Tan Thanh's Semi trailer, which has many outstanding features such as:

    • Using high-quality steel in the manufacture of trailer equipment.
    • Special design, evenly distributing the load on the axle cluster and towing pin, has the advantage of helping the tractor and trailer always run smoothly, holding the road, minimizing costs due to fuel consumption.
    • Good bearing structure, anti-roll when carrying bulky and heavy goods when traveling on curved or bad sections, ensuring high safety.
  • Strict production process, only ship when quality is met

All Tan Thanh Semi Trailer products are manufactured on a strict process according to international standards. On the other hand, before the release of the product, the company's romooc products must pass all stages of thorough technical testing.

  • Price of Semi trailer of Tan Thanh Container is competitive

Tan Thanh always ensures that all of its products to be competitively priced with the same products available on the market today.

  • Best after-sale service

Tan Thanh guarantees that all products shall be warranted for up to 3 years with genuine spare parts. Periodic maintenance 4 times/year at the company's professional repair service stations.

With the business philosophy of "always leading in quality", "always improving production, business and service systems", Tan Thanh Container commits to satisfy customers before taking into account business benefits.

Please contact Tan Thanh Container for advice and using the best service!


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