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News ellipse 30/11/2020

Why are the Somi Goose-neck trailers popular in the market?

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Goose-neck trailers are road vehicles shared with Refrigerated containers to carry goods that need a stable temperature. Goose-neck semi trailers are currently a favorite product of many enterprises. What types of trailers are available on the market today and why is Goose-neck trailers trusted by many customers? Below will be useful shares for transport companies, especially businesses running cold goods.


What kinds of semi trailers are there?

Like many other cargo vehicles, trailers are also diverse in types. Depending on the purpose of use and the combination with other means of transport, there are different types of trailers. Currently on the market the following types are popular:

  • Skeletal Semi Trailers
  • Goose-neck semi trailers
  • Flatbed semi trailers 
  • Self-Dumping semi trailers
  • Cargo box semi trailers
  • Xitec tank semi trailers

You can see semi trailers of all kinds here

 What kinds of Goose-neck semi trailers are there?


On the market for transport equipment today, Goose-neck trailers are trusted by many customers. The following Goose-neck semi trailers are popular. Call the Tan Thanh for detailed information and technical support:

  • 45 feet 3 axles Goose-neck semi trailers.
  • 40 feet 3 axles Goose-neck semi trailers.

There are many different versions from the two main lines: 45 feet 3 axles Goose-neck semi trailers and 40 feet 3 axles Goose-neck semi trailers. That helps transportation enterprises have more options, depending on their needs, types of goods ... Customers can learn more about specific product parameters to have the best choice.

Advantages of Goose-neck trailers

      • Goose-neck semi trailers are made of high tensile steel, have good elasticity, do not bend when subjected to high loads or move on bad roads.

      • The center of gravity of Goose-neck semi trailers is appropriately calculated based on the actual operating conditions of the trailer. That is why the trailer has an appropriate load distribution, not being overloaded locally. outstanding impact resistance.
      • Chassis system is made from the best materials and meets standards, has high precision, helps the trailer operate stably in many different conditions, and is safe to use.
      • On the products, there are specific, detailed and clear specifications about: overall size, self weight, allowable load, balance shaft, towing pin, tire, ... can research and choose the right products for your business.

      Where to buy high-quality Goose-neck semi trailers at good prices?

      This is the most important thing for transport companies. Because many enterprises now sell Goose-neck semi trailers at competitive prices. But in order to have the most accurate choice and meet the customers’ requirements on both quality and price, only Tan Thanh Company can do that.

      With Tan Thanh, customers will be consulted with the most complete about Goose-neck trailers. The transaction process is also conducted quickly, the procedure is simple and fast, helping to save maximum time for customers. Not only that, after-sales service, care and support for customers during use are always on top priority.


      With decades of experience working in the transport sector, Tan Thanh is always the choice of many enterprises, because it is a leading reputable unit in Goose-neck semi trailers in all provinces, like TP. Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Can Tho, Vung Tau, Phu Quoc. Hopefully the above sharing will help you soon find a reliable address to save costs and be more assured of product quality. Please contact us to get the best advice.

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