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News ellipse 25/11/2020

The Ministry of Transport has just launched the first transport flatform

On December 3, the Ministry of Transport officially opened the first freight exchange called Vinatrucking, which is expected to help the freight market to be more transparent and competitive.

Mr. Ta Cong Thuan - General Director of Vinatrucking Transport Exchange, said that Vinatrucking transport trading exchange with simple usage features makes it completely possible for all enterprises to participate in the exchange through smartphones, iPads or machines,...

When you want to join the trading floor, the transport units, shippers and individuals need to register as a member of the floor before making transactions on website.

Membership registration is done automatically through confirmation email or phone number. Once you have an account, the owner just needs to access the floor to record the number of the trip or shipment you choose, then send the required information to the owner and can quote the desired price to your partner.

If the partner agrees to respond by email or text message, the exchange will notify the related parties and propose a form of transaction.

According to the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, the establishment of a freight exchange will create conditions for transportation enterprises to find sources of goods to transport, while shippers who have transportation needs can organize a public tender on the floor to choose the transport unit that meets the needs and has the lowest freight.

Through the operation of transport exchanges, enterprises can source goods for both directions of traffic, avoid leaving vehicles empty, thereby reducing vehicles on the road, reducing traffic congestion, and copper, contributes to reducing logistics costs, reducing emissions into the environment.

Most of the enterprises said that it is necessary to put the transport exchange into operation, because the transport operation cannot be forever blind. It does not only reduce time for enterprises to learn from each other, this trading platform model will help customers have more choices while creating a good competition between enterprises.

However, in addition to supporting the transport exchange model, there are concerns and doubts about the control of information posted on the trading floor as well as sanctions against violations, avoiding mess.

Thinking that this trading floor is very good for enterprises, Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh, Director of Tin Vinh Co., Ltd. emphasized that for the floor to operate effectively, the enterprises registered on the floor must be the trusted transport companies publishing competitive prices.

“The limitation of the price offer on the electronic floor is that the prices are often not real, except for reputable and branded enterprises. Therefore, in order to motivate and gain customers' trust, the information that enterprises publish on the electronic transaction network must be controlled.

In case the transport enterprise has made a mistake, the customer has the right to reflect and to have sanctions and regulations to strictly handle the wrong enterprise, ”said Mr. Thinh.

A leader of the HCM City Freight Transport Association said that most of the transport companies still secretly exchange prices from each other, they rarely publicize prices, but often look to shippers to make direct prices. There are also cases where the owners of goods and means of transport are linked together to benefit, so it is not certain that the publicity is suitable for their purposes.

“But I think the operation of the exchange will gradually become regularized. I hope this model will be successful. As goods enter Vietnam increasingly large, people will look to transport corporations, genuine logistics companies, and serious enterprises. The flatform will limit the situation of "night brocade", devaluing each other unhealthy competition, fragmentation, "grinding tires to eat", self-harm as last time ", a person said.