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News ellipse 27/11/2020

Tan Thanh supports 50% of the labor cost when enterprises repair/install twistlocks

If twistlocks are not firmly locked, the container truck is very easy to overturn the container along the road, causing traffic accidents and damage to the enterprises Responding to the traffic safety movement with the circulation of container trucks from the Department of Transport, Tan Thanh supports a 50% reduction of labor costs for repairs/installation of new twistlocks.

Recently, in Ho Chi Minh City and across the country, there are often terrible traffic accidents with container trucks when transporting goods. The container truck in circulation has overturned due to the failure of twistlocks, or twistlocks is damaged. This endangers the lives of people involved in traffic.

Containers fell on the road on Dong Nai bridge (Source VTV)

twistlocks are important parts of the trailer. Each container truck usually has 4 - 16 twistlocks, divided equally at key corners of the vehicle. They are used to mount and fix the container with a trailer, to help the container not to deviate, to flip the box when entering curves or colliding with obstacles. The twistlock is damaged, warping makes the driver unable to adjust the hump lock attached to the twistlock. It is similar to the fact that you are carrying heavy goods but are not tied firmly, they can fall or fall at any time. With a high payload, the accidents caused by container trucks cause very serious consequences, very easy to cause casualties for people in traffic.

According to Clause 1, Article 24 of Decree 46/2016: “A fine of from VND 300,000 to VND 400,000 shall be imposed for transporting goods on a vehicle without lashing or securing; lined up on the roof of the cockpit; Line up to deflect the vehicles ". If a container truck falls into a container without causing an accident to traffic participants, it will still be fined at the level of VND 300 - 400,000.

As an industry leader in containers and trailers, Tan Thanh understands these dangers to road users, as well as worries of transport companies. On the occasion of responding to the traffic safety movement with the circulation of container trucks from the Department of Transport. Tan Thanh supports a 50% reduction in labor costs for repairing / installing the new twistlocks. The program applies from September 24, 2019 to October 24, 2019 at Tan Thanh's container repair branches nationwide.

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