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News ellipse 27/11/2020

TAN THANH semi trailers: "Launchers" to make a breakthrough in logistics industry

Tan Thanh semi trailers are a great solution to solve the transport cost problem, increase competitive advantage, create a breakthrough for logistics enterprises in the period of economic integration.

Road freight transport is an important link in the logistics service supply chain of businesses. Demand for road freight transport in Vietnam is growing strongly. However, domestic logistics enterprises can only meet 20-30% of the market demand. Due to low freight rates and high transportation costs, Vietnamese enterprises are always under pressure during their operation. To stand firm in the integration era, it requires each enterprise to have breakthrough solutions to reduce transportation costs.

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Tractor mounted trailer is a major means of transportation for road transport. However, most logistics companies do not have enough high-quality vehicles. Also because of cost pressures, business owners are afraid of new investments, so they often buy from less reputable individuals or establishments that do not have a warranty policy. Low load 40 feet old trailer, increased number of vehicles, high transportation costs. Not having periodic vehicle warranties makes enterprises always encounter damaged vehicles along the road, which increases repair costs. Equipped with a high load trailer, quality standard, good warranty service has a slightly high initial cost, but this helps enterprises feel secure in operation, and significantly saves transportation costs.

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The Tan Thanh 45/48 feet semi trailers used for the frozen container is a new product with an extremely large payload. In particular, each trailer is reinforced with anti-screw X-axis, using Sealco - USA toad and spraying with electrostatic paint will increase the durability of each product. In addition, each trailer product is backed by a 3-year warranty at Tan Thanh's North - Central - South warranty system, which also helps enterprises limit risks and arising costs. Enterprise can save up to 15% on shipping costs compared to the old 40 feet trailers.

  With the above unique improvements, each Tan Thanh semil trailer is a great solution to solve the transportation cost problem, increase competitive advantage, create a breakthrough for logistics enterprises in the period of business integration.

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