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News ellipse 03/12/2020

Tan Thanh Executes the renovation on Semi trailers following the Standards of the Inspection Department

New Policy of the Ministry of Transportation

On the afternoon of July 10, the Ministry of Transport signed the document No. 8359/BGTVT-VT allowing more than 7,100 Semi trailers of all kinds to increase the load when participating in traffic. This is a measure to remove difficulties for enterprises transporting goods by trucks.

This regulation comes from the previous situation when enterprises import and manufacture and assemble import goods or produce Semi trailers to satisfy customers' needs in order to carry a variety of goods (multi-purpose goods), such as: iron, steel, materials and containers. .. This situation leads to the poor design of the vehicles, the design of weight distribution on the tractor's tractor is low, most of the load is put on the axle cluster to the back axles resulting in overload.

Repairing Semi trailers at Tan Thanh

To overcome this situation, the Ministry of Transport allowed the adjustment to increase the Authorized total mass to 33,000 kg for 3465 2-axles container trailers with the total design that must not be less than 33,000 kg and up to 38,000 kg for 3640 three-axles container trailers with the overall design weight not less than 38,000 kg.


To implement this adjustment, the Ministry of Transport agrees with the VN inspection Department to allow the adjustment of the position of the towing pin and the axles assembly position or at the same time adjust both the towing pin and the position of the Semi trailers axles for the fields to ensure that Semi trailers no longer violate axle load when circulating, after being adjusted to allow total load to join traffic. This adjustment will be performed until the end of December 31, 2014.


For Semi trailers that do not change the drag pin position and axles position, after December 31, 2014, only the Certificate of Inspection will be issued according to the values ​​as previously according to the above regulations. In these cases, vehicles are forced to lower the total allowable load when joining in traffic so as not to violate the axle load according to current regulations.

Electronic axis alignment service in Tan Thanh

Benefits of renovating Semi trailers

Semi trailers are renovated to increase the capacity of transporting international containers according to ISO standards

Avoid the load to be put to the rear and the axial load violation

Safer vehicle operation, improved sales, ensure safety and increase the durability of the transport infrastructure

Measuring and installing axles for Semi trailers

Production capacity renovated Semi trailers of Tan Thanh

Tan Thanh is the leading manufacturer and assembler of Semi trailers in the Vietnam market. Every year, Tan Thanh builds and manufactures more than 1,200 Semi trailers of all kinds for domestic and foreign markets. Tan Thanh Warranty and Service Center stretches from North to South with branches Hai Phong, Da Nang, Vung Tau, HCM City ready to receive and renovate Semi trailers for customers according to the standards of the inspection Department. Preliminary information about the capacity to renovate Semi trailers Tan Thanh:

Semi trailers of customers will be inspected by Tan Thanh and initially assessed on the current status. A team of technicians will advise on the best plan to renovate Semi trailers and save the most cost

Genuine parts, diversified in sourcing, with international quality

Semi trailers repaired and renovated according to the standards of inspection department, IICL standard, ISO 9001: 2008

A team of skilled and experienced technical workers

Modern equipment synchronous: CNC automatic mechanical cutting machine, American Hunter electronic alignment machine, shot blasting machines clean the surface before painting, the dryer helps the vehicle to quickly dry and color fast. ..

After the renovation, technicians Tan Thanh will check and take over according to the design and standards of the inspection department issued

Semi trailers are renovated quickly