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Tan Thanh Container has completed Exceeding The Progress Of The "2012 SounFest Super Music Festival” Project

Tan Thanh Container has completed Exceeding The Progress Of The "2012 SounFest Super Music Festival” Project

Up to 17:00 on April 6, 2012, Tan Thanh Container has completed 100% of the construction stages on the SSS site, ensuring the highest quality, exceeding the schedule set by SSS previously. The rest of the work is only to review, check the last time and supervise the site. That achievement is the result of the continuous efforts of the whole staff and employees working at the site.

The "2012 SounFest Super Music Festival” Project is the biggest music project of the year. This project is organized by Saigon Sound System Company (SSS) under the co-sponsorship of Coca Cola and Samsung. This is a high international music project, requiring contractors to have technological capabilities, high quality human resources, meeting international standards to participate. Tan Thanh Container is one of the few Vietnamese partners trusted by SSS as an equipment supplier and construction of the following items: installation of box office container system, singers' rooms, SSS office containers, especially the stacking container system as the main entrance and exit gate.

Geological measurement and survey on the project

Acknowledging the magnitude and importance of the project, as soon as the official contract between the two parties was signed, Tan Thanh Container established the SSS Project Management Board. Participants and the Project Management Board are the best engineers and workers with many years of experience. The motto of action throughout the project management board thoroughly grasped to each worker: "must be determined to execute safely, ensure the best work quality and complete beyond the set schedule".

Construction workers at the site

However, the construction on the SSS site had many challenges. Working conditions on the site were extremely harsh, with erratic rain and sun, the outdoor temperature was up to 38 degrees Celsius. In addition, moving construction equipment was difficult due to the means of transport. Download was limited during the daytime. Foreseeing the situation and having thoughtful preparation in advance, the Management Board arranged workers to be on duty regularly on site day and night to ensure construction progress. On the SSS site, the number of employees have been always 100% present, the working spirit of the workers is enthusiastic, enthusiastic, dynamic and creative.

Main gate item

The technically highly complex item is the wall incorporating the main entrance of the attendees. The main entrance is designed in an S-shape, created by a 4-storey container alternating in the form of a checker. To put the containers in the right position, closely linked together, it is required the professional coordination of the measuring, lifting crane and welding parts. Because it is the most important highlight of the “2012 SounFest Super Music Festival” Project, Tan Thanh Container was constructed very meticulously, putting safety and quality on top.

Construction of the main gate entered the final stage, the construction site had to stop construction due to news of unseasonal storm No. 1 landing on the site. Following the direction of the Project Management Board "ensuring the safety of the works before, during and after the storm", the workers checked and reinforced key positions. Typhoon No. 1 landed with strong winds above level 6, the main gate of the 3-storey container high over 6m high was still safe, no small loss. That more vividly demonstrates the reliability and quality of the project.

With the tradition of always leading in the quality of products and services, with a team of good staff, many years of experience in construction at large projects, Tan Thanh Container has successfully completed the construction of items at the SSS site. All items are completed with the highest quality, meeting and exceeding the original schedule.

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