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Tan Thanh Container – A Vietnamese Brand Success

Tan Thanh Container – A Vietnamese Brand Success

16 year journey
Established in 1996, spent more than 16 years long way of formation and development, Tan Thanh container became No.1 Vietnam enterprises in the manufacturing sector, business somi trailers, container and transport. Every year, Tan Thanh container supply for Vietnam market over 1,200 somi trailers with many different categories, hundreds of container office of Tan Thanh has been present at the construction site big, sentinel of the country . In the field of refrigerated containers, refrigerated containers Tan Thanh almost absolute market share compared to other competitors. Tan Thanh’s products have been present across all the roads of the country, the image of the convoy of goods bearing the words ” Tan Thanh Container Co., Ltd.” become familiar with everyone.  Tan Thanh Container is proud to be the supplier of equipment and solutions for major partners such as Metro, big C, Coopmart, Petro Vietnam, Uinliver, Coca cola, Hoa Binh corp, Cotecoin…Hiện nay, Tan Thanh container is planning to export the first orders to foreign markets: Cambodia, Arabia, Sweden …

Always leading in quality
Tan Thanh Container currently have 2 factories in Ho Chi Minh City and Quang Ninh with total area of more than 41,000 m factory floor 2 . For years, Tan Thanh Container has also invested mechanical systems, equipment synchronization for production including welding machines, presses, machine shock, turning, automatic cutting machine CNC, especially system Blasting surface treatment coating helps to achieve higher quality. All the raw materials for the production process are imported import from foreign suppliers large and prestigious in the world such as York, Fuwa, paint Seamaster … engineers designed highly qualified, energy initiative and creativity along with a team of skilled technical workers, enthusiastic can meet the requirements of the most discerning customers. The entire process of producing absolute compliance with regulations on labor safety, fire prevention, environmental protection, limiting toxic waste. Tan Thanh Container also has applied quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and 5S in the production process. With the production capacity on, Tan Thanh Container annually provides more than 1,200 market somi trailers of all kinds.

All products before the factory must undergo stages check most extreme related to dynamics, loads, brakes, electrical … only the products pass the tests new shipped and delivered to customers. Tan Thanh Container provides market most kinds somi trailers popular as: ben, abdomen, obstetrics, bone, stock brokers, dwarf, bath, terminal … Also, when customers have special requirements concerning the dedicated trailer, super, overweight Tan Thanh Container fully capable to meet. The difference of Tan Thanh Container compared with rival products whole somi trailers are warranted for 2 years, 2 years customers will be checked at regular maintenance 8 times.

With its commitment to customer satisfaction as a goal and motivation to develop, Tan Thanh Container invested a lot for customer care system. We have set up PBX system works 24/7 for prompt support, consulting, customer and solve the difficulties and obstacles in the process of using the product. Besides that we are also very nervous nge opinions and comments of customers from which gradually to further improve product quality and service. In 2011, Tan Thanh Container invested calibration system equipped Hunter axis technology used by the United States, this is exactly the axis calibration amalgams and tractor trailers somi most modern Vietnam today. When the system goes into operation will help somi trailers care of customers better, avoid abrasive layer and operate safely on the roads.

Development based on deep human
Commodity trading activities between Vietnam and China mainly took place at Tan Thanh border gate in Lang Son province. However, due to the infrastructure of BEZs Tan Thanh inferior, especially no one harbors serve for the work to inspect the goods so the goods export or import them to inspect the goods and services transferred at the border Po Chai (China), the mere fact that it has more than 150 billion VND loss of revenue for the provincial budget.

On the other hand, for many years the status of domestic goods stuck at Tan Thanh border gate is increasing and complicated. Cargo stagnation led to many consequences, such as being the trader Chinese prices, the goods are damaged, deteriorating quality, no turnaround is truck … So, wanting to get transit centers for large gathering, storage, loading and unloading goods conveyed, lodging, car turnaround is always a great desire of the traders and the Quang Ninh provincial People’s Committee. Stemming from the urgent need that the company shares trade Tan Thanh mechanical conducting projects under construction Container hubs Pac beds. These are large projects, in line with the economic development plans of the province of Lang Son, received a positive response from the ministries, departments and functions great consensus of the people.

The project went into operation will solve the difficult problem of trade between Vietnam and China, contributing to boosting trade between the two countries. The project will also enhance the competitiveness of agricultural commodities in Vietnam, avoiding occurrence of domestic agricultural products are the Chinese price pressure, helps the transport unit turnaround fast car … Besides deployment project will better exploit the advantages of the land (which is land for rice cultivation 01 case, output low) leverage and create jobs for local workers and contribute to restructuring the economy towards positive, increase revenues and state budget to promote the province’s GDP growth. This project is a deeply humane Board director Tan Thanh company is expected and very passionate. Tan Thanh Company currently has licensing investments, are in phase clearance.

Besides Hubs Container Pac Luong, Tan Thanh also give markets innovative products, handy such as: container classrooms, container as broadcast stations mobile … Is container class of Tan Thanh produced export orders of scholarships Dariu (Switzerland) in accordance phop with class sizes of 18 students and 1 teacher. Container classes are designed with an area of 19m 2 , painting a bright, spacious and equipped with 19 sets of desks and chairs, 01 32-inch LCD monitor, air conditioning system and the system computer to access the internet. Last time Tan Thanh container class of funds accompanied Dairu roamed all parts of the country, contributing to knowledge transfer to poor children in remote areas.
Reaching the international level, towards the future
Enhancing the want, there must be far-sighted vision, Tan Thanh Container is oriented to create a strong brand in the country and gradually reach out to international markets. Previously, market sommi trailers, containers of Vietnam’s capital is the personal playground of foreign manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers such as CIMC, JUPITER … But since Tan Thanh Container Bureau Published Vietnam licensed test production, the outcome of trailers somi market has changed. Products of Tan Thanh with high quality, various designs, tailored to the characteristics of transport of Vietnam has been customers’ trust and confidence in, to the moment of Tan Thanh Container accounted for about 40% of market trailers somi part of the country. Products of Tan Thanh somi trailers have been present across the roads of Vietnam,

To facilitate easy customer access to products and services, Tan Thanh Container opened branch network in key localities along from north to south. Currently, Tan Thanh Container has a number of branches such as Vung Tau, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, affiliates we arranged near seaports, large gate in the country, located on the the arterial roads should be able to support our customers to the maximum extent. Tan Thanh is currently in phase expansion of production capacity, standardize and improve staff, expanding factory, investing in more modern machinery. Tan Thanh Container expect that in the coming time will contribute more to the development of the container industry somi trailers and Vietnam, gradually replacing imported products.

Tan Thanh Container is changing and growing up day by day, taking advantage of Vietnam joining the WTO, the world market Tan Thanh Container openness has made the first step related to export activities abroad. The years, based on the prestige obtained packages providing equipment for the famous international projects: Deep sea port CMIT, SSIT, SPCT, Tan Thanh Container SoundFest 2012 … have been exporting some somi trailers and container products to some overseas markets: Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Saudi … This is the first step in paving the way for the expansion of markets abroad Tan Thanh. While the domestic market of fierce competition, the economic crisis makes the purchasing power decline, the development strategy of export orientation is considered the right way to help companies achieve growth targets set out,

In summary, over the past 16 years, Tan Thanh Container has contributed most to the development of certain sectors of logictics Vietnam. The next time the entire collective determination to Tan Thanh Container companies go faster and stronger, deeper integration into the global economy.