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Success will come to hardworking people

Success will come to hardworking people

“WHAT IS THE PERCENTAGE OF YOUR SUCCESS RATE” Michael Bloomberg is a former mayor of New York City who founded Bloomberg LP, a news media and information services company that shares secrets of his success to be: "work hard".

John C. Maxwell also pointed out: "Genius is only 1% natural talent, the remaining 99% is effort". In fact, there are many successful examples thanks to hard work and perseverance. Doctor Edison with thousands of scientific works for life. When he made the incandescent light bulb, he went through 1000 experiments, and he said, "I didn't fail, my success went through 1000 steps."

Obviously, hard work is one of the "necessary" conditions to reach success, no matter who you are, what position you are in and what job you do and here is an example:

In Company A, their monthly sales results are as follows:

From the above data, it shows that employee A is a better salesperson, can have better skills, a higher chance of success at a rate of up to 20% (so in a month meeting 20 customers, A sells 4 products). While B is not outstanding, his experience is not much, his skills may not be very good, so the success rate is only 10%. That means B's success rate is only half that of A’s. However, in a month, B sold 6 products, which is 150% of A’s (4 products).

From the example above, it shows that selling is a unique profession - even a beginner, inexperienced,... but if we are more diligent, work harder, we are more successful, in the end we are still the winners!

What is even more special is the ability to overcome failure, of course, B was rejected 54 times compared to A (denied only 16 times). Therefore, the necessary condition to succeed in selling is the ability to overcome failure. Going home a few hours later, meeting 2-3 more customers, making a few more phone calls… that's all you should do if you want to improve your sales. Try persisting for four consecutive weeks like that, any salesperson will get at least 150% increase in their results.

Imagine, if one of us is more skilled than employee A, we are trained in sales skills, provided with complete sales documents, even provided with information of if the customer is in need but also works as diligently as employee B, how outstanding will the results be achieved?

***** The article draws lessons from the data of successful sales of the Best Sales Executive for many consecutive years - Best Seller: Dao Thai Liem - Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation.

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