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Some noticeable when constructing works by containers

Some noticeable when constructing works by containers

Utilizing old containers for offices and houses is a new construction trend, used by many young people.

However, besides being creative and economical, this type requires a lot of attention when building.

In 2006, the world's largest "student container village" named Keetwonen (Amstesdam, Netherlands) was built with 1,000 spacious and comfortable apartments. This is a breakthrough in the construction industry, and at the same time inspires a series of transformations from truck barrels around the world. This trend covers Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, France ..., spread to Southeast Asian countries and Vietnam.


In recent years, office buildings, cafes, hotels, resorts ... by container are increasingly popular in our country. This type of construction has the advantages of fast construction, can be used on any terrain, low cost, and friendly with the environment by minimizing the creation of construction waste.

With the creativity of architects, the works converted from containers are becoming more beautiful, impressive, unique, better soundproof, heatproof ... Compared to traditional houses built with familiar materials, this type brings a new feeling, inspires work, especially for young people.

Ms. Kieu Ngoc Phuong, Deputy General Director of Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation, said that there are many used container sources on the market, many buyers self-cut, repair, and recycle the works to serve the needs for living and business activities, because it is thought that outsourcing will save a lot of costs. In fact, this poses many risks if there is no experience, knowledge about the structure of the container and suitable equipment for safe construction.


Talking about the risk, Ms. Phuong shared that if the construction workers do not grasp the technical characteristics of the containers, have weak cutting skills, it will easily affect the stability of the frame, weaken or even damage the structure. In addition, the skeleton was out of place, making the construction of the recessed cord more difficult as well as the installation of the internal equipment.

“The improper installation leads to the risk of electricity leakage, explosion, or water leakage causing osmotic water to damage the walls, stagnant water on the roof, causing rust and damage quickly, reducing the life of the building and potential when using", said Ms. Phuong.

The Tan Thanh Mechanical Company said that it is not easy to design a complete office for a container or a coffee container, a resort, a hotel ..., with high aesthetics, convenience and safety for the user. Moreover, this construction model has only developed in Vietnam in recent years, so the number of prestigious and experienced units is not high..


Therefore, individuals/mechanical enterprises should engage professional construction units to convert the containers, avoid the situation of prolonged implementation and the fact that the finished product does not meet the aesthetic and safety requirements, and difficult interior installation. In addition, it is necessary to calculate the lifting/lowering of the container in a way that it is safe and not deviated when it is put into use.

In order to have satisfactory, economical, beautiful, and safe container works, investors should engage large, reputable and experienced container manufacturing and construction units.

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