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News ellipse 03/12/2020

Reduction of Transportation Fee on Trung Luong Expressway

In the near future, the transportation for vehicles of group 5 (trucks of over 18 tons and 40 feet container) will be reduced by 25-30% on the HCM City - Trung Luong expressway. Currently, the fee for this group of vehicles is 320,000 VND/time.

The Ministry of Transportation office said, the Ministry of Finance has agreed to the proposal to reduce the fee by 25-30% for vehicles of group 5 when using HCMC - Trung Luong expressway. The ministry also agreed not to set up toll booths on the 1A Highway through Long An province to help payback for Trung Luong expressway as before. Highway. Thus, in the near future, trucks with over 18 tons and 40 feet containers will only have to pay about VND 448,000-480,000/trip, instead of VND 640,000/trip as before. Therefore, according to Mr. Chung, it is more appropriate to reduce fees by 50% for all 5 groups. This will contribute to curbing inflation, helping enterprises overcome difficulties at the moment. "The Association will study and have more recommendations in the coming time", said Mr. Chung.

Previously in mid-April, before the petition to reduce the fees of the HCMC and An Giang Goods Transport Association, the Ministry of Transportation had requested the Ministry of Finance to reduce the fee by 25-30% for trucks of over 18 tons and containers 40 feet.

Most recently, on May 28, HCMC - Trung Luong Department of Transport also petitioned the City People's Committee to request Ministry of Transportation to study and consider reducing the current toll rate on HCMC - Trung Luong expressway to Reduce the pressure on vehicles on the 1A Highway to reduce accidents, while ensuring the efficient operation and use of this expressway. According to the HCMC Department of Transportation, since this expressway collects toll, the number of vehicles on the 1A Highway (the section passing through Binh Chanh district) has increased by nearly 10,000 vehicles per day, which is also the cause of many serious accidents on this road in recent years.

From February 25, the Ministry of Transportation (Ministry of Transportation) has collected tolls for all vehicles traveling through the HCMC - Trung Luong expressway with a fee from VND 1,000 to 8,000/km. Specifically, vehicles with less than 12 seats, vehicles with a tonnage of less than 2 tons and public transport buses are charged VND 10,000-40,000 (group 1).

For vehicles of 12 to 30 seats, vehicles with a tonnage of 2 tons to less than 4 tons, will be charged VND 15,000-60,000 (group 2). For vehicles with 31 seats or more, trucks with a tonnage of from 4 tons to less than 10 tons were VND 22,000-88,000 (group 3).

For vehicles with tonnage of 10 to less than 18 tons and container trucks of 20 feet, they will have to pay VND 40,000-160,000 (group 4). From 18 tons or more and 40 feet container trucks will be charged VND 80,000-320,000 (group 5).

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