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News ellipse 02/12/2020

How to distinguish fake and real semi trailers?

Currently, along with the economic and social development of the country, the development of goods as well as the transport demand is also developing and growing each year. The function of the Logistics industry is not only forwarding and transporting but also includes other activities such as warehousing, storing goods, packaging, transporting goods, handling damaged goods ... , enterprises will save a lot of transportation costs, reduce product costs, increase competitiveness and increase profits for the company.

With a history of more than 20 years of establishment and development, Tan Thanh Container annually supplies Logistic Vietnam with more than 3000 Semi trailers, accounting for about 40% of the market share in Vietnam. Along with the advancement of technology, machinery and production systems, Tan Thanh has always researched and launched many new lines of Semi trailers suitable for Logistics needs in Vietnam.

Currently, on the market, there are many standard types of Semi trailers, with many different designs and quality. In order to have an overall look and avoid buying fake goods and poor-quality products, some of the following ways to help customers have a different view of Semi trailers produced by Tan Thanh, especially the product of Semi trailers Hoang Sa - Truong Sa:


Fake Hoang Sa Semi trailers which are under Tan Thanh Brand

Semi trailers Hoang Sa is produced by Tan Thanh

Distinguishing way:

- Decal Hoang Sa Semi Trailer is glued tail and hip trailers according to the following standards:



- The fenders according to Tan Thanh's specifications, with the logo of Tan Thanh and Hotline: 0909.021.587


Image of fenders produced by Tan Thanh Container.!