News ellipse 25/11/2020

Handover PDM solution and issue solidworks certificate for Tan Thanh engineer

Handover PDM solution and issue solidworks certificate for Tan Thanh engineer

Solidworks software is cad software running on Microsoft windows operating system windows developed by Solidworks company Dassault systemes ( France). Solidworks is  popular used  by more than 2 milion engineers and 165,000 companies in the world.

Recognizing the need for new technologies in design and manufacturing. Tan Thanh has boldly invested in PDM (Product Data Management). This is a specialized software for managing and sharing data. The software helps Tan Thanh company increase productivity and manage more effectively in business production. In Vietnam, not many companies bravely invest PDM system, because the cost is too expensive as well as high technical requirements to use and bring the optimal performance in the work.

Typical benefits that this software brings:

  • Release staff from the data management task so that they can focus all their time on product design and development.
  • Support teamwork, division of work to shorten the time to bring products to market
  • Accelerate design and quick quotes for customers on the basis of re-use of existing designs
  • Good control of the status of materials and finished products to take the initiative in purchasing raw materials and distributing products
  • Create an electronic portal for sharing information among company members or with customers everywhere

This is one of the programs aimed at enhancing the capacity and expertise of Tan Thanh staff, creating strong resources and technological know-how that will enable them to develop more sustainably in the future.