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News ellipse 03/12/2020

Expand National Highway No. 1 and build North-South expressway

“The Government assigned the Ministry to quickly work to prepare for the upcoming years and will basically complete the entire highway from Hanoi to Can Tho by the end of 2016. Particularly, the North-South expressway will also be invested at the same time and from now until 2030, the North-South expressway system can be completed, ”said Deputy Minister Truong.

The above information was released at the end of this afternoon (March 7) during the meeting on the results of the February and first two months of 2012 mission implementation of the Ministry of Transport.

According to Mr. Truong, the project to expand the National Highway No. 1 from Hanoi to Can Tho has a length of 1,100 km without taking into account the expanded national roads. This project has a large investment demand in a short period of time, so it must have a specific mechanism for capital resources, site clearance and local support in site clearance.

“In terms of site clearance work, President of the People's Committees of provinces have to take the main responsibility, on the basis of compensation and support to relocate people according to the current policy and the Ministry also considers a priority. There are a number of specific mechanisms to ensure the life for the people and the time to complete the project because the road has a fast urbanization rate, the number of households living along this road is large, ”Truong said.

Deputy Minister Truong also said that National Highway No. 1 is an extended route so construction techniques will not be too complicated. The ministry will mobilize the financial and technical units of the Ministry of Construction, Transport, other sectors or private companies to carry out the projects simultaneously.

Currently, the traffic projects are facing many difficulties in mobilizing capital, so the challenge in creating investment capital to expand National Highway No. 1 is not small. To solve this problem, Deputy Minister Truong said: “The construction capital is equal to the internal strength of the State, collecting the return on capital (BOT) fee.

“The ministry is also submitting to the Ministry of Finance and the Government the plan to collect 50-70% of the expressway toll. The government agrees and regulates what fees for each specific highway will follow, ”said the Vice Minister.

Many comments that the implementation of the plan on some extended sections will reduce the attractiveness of the North-South expressway projects, Mr. Truong asserted the North-South expressway with the construction time. In the long term, the large investment capital is mainly funded by ODA and Government bonds, so this project will be able to complete the North-South expressway from 2030.

"The North-South Expressway will be invested at the same time, but the investment is focused, not the entire route," Truong affirmed.

Agreeing with that point of view, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong also said that, from the point of view of the project to expand Highway 1, consider developing highways in the future at the same time.

“The toll collection mechanism between these two routes is one of the factors to consider. Tolling on both roads is to encourage investment in expressway development in the future. "

The Deputy Minister of East also cited the evidence that, in the world, expressways are special roads that allow high-speed and commercial vehicles, so most cars and passenger cars. And other means of transport go on the conventional highway system. Vietnam is also not outside such general rule. National highways serve more people.

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