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News ellipse 03/12/2020

Containers imported into the US are required to be examined

According to a law passed by the US Congress in 2008, starting July 1, 2012, all goods containers from countries shipped into the US are required to be screened to meet requirements about security. The application of this regulation is considered to ensure the security of the seaports and maritime industry of this country against possible threats of terrorism. Especially since November 9 case, the issue of global logistics chain security is being put on top priority by the US.

Under this act, “a container loaded onto a ship at a foreign port cannot enter the United States (either directly or through a foreign port) unless the container has been screened by screening equipment (which does not cause damage to the contents inside) and radioactive detection equipment at a foreign port before the container is loaded onto a ship ”.

Thus, this new regulation will force the Customs of countries to equip container scanners at international seaports that export container goods to the US. In addition, mandatory container screening to ensure security would have a great impact on the organization of the logistics chain. Potential delays, congestion at seaports, and uncertain delivery of time lead to costly costs as well as directly affect owners' collection and distribution activities. In addition, this would also pose a huge financial and professional challenge to shipping, port and logistics service providers.

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