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News ellipse 27/11/2020

Considerations when choosing Container Refrigeration

Time from mid December to Tet Nguyen Dan, along with the rise of production and shipping fresh foods, vegetables, soft drinks .., demand for reefer soared. For enterprises producing food, beverage, then used reefer Warehouse is an optimal solution for meeting the following criteria:
High mobility: refrigerated containers that can be used to transport medium can be used for cold storage, can be moved, transported easily.
Fast deployment time, meet the needs of the rapidly increasing output of goods for Tet.
May increase or decrease the size of warehouses quickly, and also can increase or decrease the cooling capacity by volume of goods.
For transportation companies, hiring reefer cargo for vegetable, flower tree … Tet is also a reasonable choice.
However for refrigerated containers, the most important issue is to ensure temperature stability goods. Any disruption or instability of the temperature inside the container which can lead to damage or loss of quality goods. According to our experience, most of the damage occurred during transportation or storage of frozen goods as a result of temperature controlled goods are not good. Factors affecting the process temperature control in refrigerated container goods include:
Monitoring the temperature : cold container must be maintained at an appropriate temperature depending on the type of goods. Therefore container temperature must be monitored regularly, however this is the minimum effort and time and sometimes can lead to errors. Tan Thanh container is currently a leader in the supply of refrigerated containers and GPS monitoring refrigerated containers 24/24. Using this service package the customer can monitor the whole process of operation of the container such as the journey of the container, temperature, operating status of the air conditioning, closed state open container … at any any time and at any place. In addition, customers can access and review the entire operation of container logs
The reliability of air conditioning : A more important factor is that the reliability of the air conditioning. Freezer must ensure continuous operation and stable in the long run. To get a good air conditioning operation and high reliability to first check the following parameters:

Quietest, not much rust
Outdoor unit, indoor unit
Not dented distortion, not oxidized, no perforation position
Cooling Capacity
P ≥ 20,500 BTU
Current boot (I KD )
 I KD = 22A ± 2
Constant current (I OD )
 I OD = 16A ± 2
Compressor resistor (R mn )
R mn = 1.5Ω ± 0.2
Fan resistor (R ql )
CARRIER: Speed: R ql high-CARRIER = 14Ω ± 2
Low speed: R ql low-CARRIER = 54Ω ± 2
DAIKIN: Speed: R ql high DAIKIN = 9Ω ± 2
Low speed: R ql high DAIKIN = 57Ω ± 2
Fan heater resistor (R qn )
DAIKIN: R qn DAIKIN = 20Ω ± 2
Pressure (P 1 )
P 1 = 25PSI ± 5
Output pressure (P 2 )
P 2 = 250PSI ± 5

Besides the maintenance problems air conditioning must be done monthly, in order to prevent unexpected damage, extend the life of machine, to ensure the reliability of the machine during operation.

Air conditioning is newly painted and inspected before handover to customer

Choose frozen containers: container casing acts as a thermal insulation layer which goods with the external environment. A well casing is reefer containers must satisfy the following requirements:
Frame momentum: This is the main load bearing structure of the container, poles, momentum must not be cracked, broken, distorted, warped, do not rot, rust much, not being said, and more than 1m / tree.
Casing: metal outer shell not torn, punctured, not much rust. To ensure durability and aesthetics, the outer shell must be spread mastic and freshly painted. Walls not exceed 2cm2 bulge, bulge area of ​​not more than 2m2 / wall, denting no distortion, deformation than 1m2. Tole uninterrupted walls, deeply recessed than 2cm, the bite area, concave not exceed 400cm2.
Insulation: insulation of the containers must at least 70mm thick, the proportion of the insulation must reach 40 kg / m3.
Doors: container door from warping, denting distortion, tole apart without patching, full bowl, orange, hinges, no warping, stainless steel in the right flat, not torn, punctured, dented distortion. Door not bulging, position, joint door broken, lost, opening the door to close slightly.

A reefer refurbished before renting

Inside the container : The refrigerated containers are used to store food so high requirements on hygiene. Stainless steel container wall must be flat, no tears, holes, rust, scratches deeper than 1cm, scratches no longer than 2 meters, not bitten, too 1cm deep concave area too 100cm2 dents. Tole lafong must be flat, without compliance, dented distortion, not torn, punctured, not rust. Container flooring is not cracked, broken, deformed, not oxidized, perforation position

hotos inside the reefer container before handover to customer


PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection – Pre-trip Inspection): This is an important step to check the status and stability of freezer containers. For professional unit and prestige in the field of refrigerated containers as Tan Thanh, the reefer container before handing over to customers that are reaching -180C standard PTI IICL. The reefer if satisfactory are stamping PTI, the container is not satisfactory it removed. In addition the company also technical support 24/24 for reefer rental, free warranty for freezer container 24/24 within 6 months, the company also offers air conditioning repair service container 24 / 24. With our network of branches, the plant stretches from South to North, customers use reefer products Tan Thanh company will receive warranty service, repair nationwide with quality and high reliability.