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Chemical tank semi trailers of Tan Thanh standard, cubic capacity of up to 40m3

Chemical tank semi trailers of Tan Thanh standard, cubic capacity of up to 40m3

Transporting chemicals:

The chemical transport industry has made many progress in recent years, especially the transport of industrial chemicals needed to ensure strict safety and comply with many regulatory requirements in the transport process. Transporting chemicals must comply with the law provisions on road traffic safety and safety and the provisions of relevant law. Do not transport chemicals capable of reacting with each other on the same vehicle.

In fact, there are still some difficulties such as: tank trucks with old design no longer conform to transport standards in the chemical industry. The transportation route consumes more fuel than current standards, affecting the economic benefits of customers.

Tanks closed in the old way are now outdated by years, and only the cost of repairing tanks accounts for most of the repair costs of enterprises transporting chemicals.

Semi trailers bồn hóa chất Tan Thanh, volume up to 40m3


Semi trailers Chemical tank co-produced by Tan Thanh and Petro will help customers feel more secure about quality and chemical volume during the transportation process.

Capacity up to 40m3, compared to conventional tank trucks that circulate only from 18-26m3.

The number of compartments and volume of each compartment are packed by PETRO according to customer requirements to suit the transport needs.

Japan standard steel, durable and safe. Genuine spare parts, product warranty up to 3 years.

Tan Thanh is a leading reputable unit in producing Semi trailers:


Being trusted and recognized by the market and customers as a leading reputable company in producing Semi trailers. All Semi trailers of Tan Thanh, before being shipped, must pass strict tests of size, dynamics, loads, brakes, electricity, operation,,, by the international method of IICL and machine imported machinery such as Hunter shaft alignment machine (USA).

Tan Thanh's business philosophy is "Always leading in quality", always improving production, sales and service systems to best meet customers' requirements. Bold investment and thorough access to the world's advanced technologies is far away from Tan Thanh, further on the path of integration into the global economy and reaching the international level.

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