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News ellipse 02/12/2020

Ceremony closing the year of 2015 of Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation

Joining a joyful atmosphere to welcome the new year 2016, on January 28, 2016, Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation held the year-end closing ceremony program at Thu Duc District Labor Federation.

Attending the ceremony , there were representatives of Thu Duc District unions: Mr. Ho Huu Nghia - Deputy Head of Economic Division of the District People's Committee, Mr. Ho Huu Nghia - Deputy Head of Economic Division of the District People's Committee; Mr. Tran Thanh Quang - Deputy Head of Interior Division of District People's Committee - is in charge of emulation and commendation; Ms. Le Thi Cam Van - Deputy District Party Committee's Organizing Committee; Party Secretary of County enterprises; Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong - Vice Chairman of the District Labor Federation; Musician Nguyen Long.

On the side of Tan Thanh Company: there was the full presence of the senior leaders: Mr. Kieu Cong Thanh - Chairman of the Board of Management Company; Ms. Tran Dieu Canh: General Director of the company, with members of the Board of Directors, director of the industry and branches, representing more than 700 employees working in the company.

It can be said that the year-end closing ceremony is an opportunity for all Tan Thanh employees across the country to get together, look back on the past one year and strategic directions for the coming year.


Mr. Kieu Cong Thanh - Chairman of the Board of Directors speaking at the closing ceremony


To open the ceremony, Mr. Mai Duc Thinh, Chief of Office of the Board of Directors of Tan Thanh Company gave a speech summarizing the results of operations in 2015 and providing strategic development directions in 2016. In which, he emphasized Strong: “Looking at the 2015 business results summary, we can see that the 2015 business results of the whole company are: VND 855,767,134,481, reaching: 67% compared to the target set at the beginning of 2015 and increasing 29 % compared to 2014 (VND 661,890,746,996). ”. Accordingly, following the growth momentum in 2015, the 2016 goals and plans are not only plain reading documents, but also include the signatures of each Head of the Industry, the head of the industry, the heads of departments, and departments, committed to implementation of the set targets.


Mr. Mai Duc Thinh, Chief of Office of Tan Thanh Company 's Board of Directors - Summarizing speech of production and business activities in 2015


The closing ceremony is also an opportunity to honor collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in 2015 and the employees who have been with the company for more than 5 years.

It can be said that, in the company's achievements in the past year, in addition to the strategic successes of the Board of Directors, the company always appreciates and acknowledges the contributions and efforts of the whole company officials and employees. At the ceremony, the company's leaders awarded certificates of merit and meaningful rewards to the employees who have more than 5 years working with the company and excellent employees, branches in 2015.

Mr. Kieu Cong Thanh awarded outstanding individual in 2015


With the successes achieved, with the efforts and unanimity of the Board of Directors and employees, we hope 2016 will continue to be a successful year of Tan Thanh for Tan Thanh's goal "Success everywhere, reaching the world level ”, sustainable development of the first year of ASEAN community integration and the difficult and challenging TPP threshold.

Some pictures at the ceremony:


Welcome performances at the ceremony


Mr. Kieu Cong Thanh gave a thank you letter to musician Nguyen Long

- The author of the song "Love Tan Thanh Brand"


Ms. Tran Dieu Canh - General Director of Tan Thanh Company awarded certificates of merit to excellent individuals in 2015

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