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Buy and sell old reefer containers - all you need to know, read it now!

Buy and sell old reefer containers - all you need to know, read it now!

Are you interested in selling old reefer containers? You want to know the price of used reefer containers on the market today? Please read carefully the helpful information shared below.


What do you buy old reefer containers for?

Reefer container is a very popular and efficient means of transporting goods today. However, after a while, many customers have bought old reefer containers for use in many different purposes.


The unique solution is to use them in business models such as cafes, homestay or as storage and storage of food, fruit, other low temperature products, etc. Many people also use old containers for efficient housing or company offices.

Even abroad, there are mini farms that grow vegetables very efficiently using old reefer containers. The old container vegetable farms have brought big profits for the investors.

Depending on the purpose of use, customers buy old reefer containers that are suitable for their financial ability.

What factors does the selling price of old reefer containers depend on?


Old reefer containers are sold at different prices. Reefer container price depends on many different factors, the specific factors that determine the price of old reefer containers are as follows:

Quality of old reefer containers

Quality is the first factor that determines the selling price of used reefer containers. The old containers still have to ensure the quality and the minimum usage time. The quality of containers depends on their novelty and for how long they are to be used.

Containers that are 80% or more new and have a long shelf life will have high prices. The products are of below 80% according to the original quality standard, the price will be much lower.

However, to ensure long-term use, you should buy old reefer containers with 80% “like new” or more quality. This is advice given by experts in the transport industry themselves.

 Technical standards of refrigerated containers

Technical standards of reefer containers here are the size of the container, weight, volume, ... of the reefer container. There are many types of old reefer containers with different technical standards. The common ones are 20 feet reefer containers, 40 feet reefer containers, and 45 feet reefer containers. Depending on this standard, the selling price of used reefer containers is also different.

Container shipping costs

The selling price of a used reefer container depends on the shipping cost. If you buy containers at locations far from where you live, the price will be higher because of the long transport distances. To reduce transportation costs, you should buy them in areas near where you live.

Market change at the time of transaction

In addition to the factors mentioned above, enterprises selling old reefer containers also base on the supply-demand relationship and market fluctuations at the time of transaction to value products. Market factors are also part of the high or low selling price of used reefer containers.

Where to buy good old reefer containers?

Currently, there are many enterprises selling old reefer containers. But not all enterprises can provide products with good quality and long-term use at low prices. Does that confuse you when making your choice? The best solution is to find out carefully about establishments selling cheap old reefer containers.

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