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Benefits Of Transporting Goods By Container

Benefits Of Transporting Goods By Container

A / For Goods Owners

Protect goods, reduce theft, damage, wetness, pollution

Reduce packaging costs

Reduce tally time

Goods are moved from door to door, promoting commercial activity

Simplify intermediate procedures in domestic transportation, operating costs at circulation

Reduce shipping costs and insurance fees

B / For Shippers

Reduce loading and unloading time, increase operation rotation of ships.

Make the most of the vessel's tonnage and capacity

Reduce shippers' claims about loss of goods

Reduce transportation costs

Creating favorable conditions for multimodal transport and transportation

C / For Forwarders

Use containers to collect and split goods

Reduce disputes and complaints

D / For Society

Facilitate mechanization, increase cargo handling productivity

Reduce transportation costs, lower product costs

Facilitate the modernization of technical and material foundations of the transport industry

Increase social labor productivity, improve service quality of the transport industry

Create new jobs

Creating conditions for multimodal transport to develop

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