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Advantages of 2-axis 40-feet Skeletal Semi Trailers No, H42-XA- 1 of Tan Thanh

Advantages of 2-axis 40-feet Skeletal Semi Trailers No, H42-XA- 1 of Tan Thanh

2-axis 40-feet Skeletal Semi Trailers No, H42-XA- 1 has good bearing structure, high load capacity, and flexible 8-hump in container transportation. The product is manufactured using modern technology, with many outstanding advantages compared to other semi trailers on the market.

In terms of vehicle structure: 2-axis 40-feet Skeletal Semi Trailers No, H42-XA- 1 has a design of the main beam using SM490YA toughened steel, which is extremely durable and firm. The main beam is welded and cut with modern machinery to ensure the standard to give the car the best rigidity, to withstand high loads.

The components have an optimal design, evenly distributing the load to the axle clusters as well as the towing pins to help balance the container truck, the car runs smoother, carbon, light, reduces noise, helping enterprises save fuel. Therefore, the tractors also increase the durability, thereby reducing operating costs significantly arising for the business, increasing competitive advantage.


The main beam uses durable steel 

Axle and stand: 2-axis 40-feet Skeletal Semi Trailers No, H42-XA- 1 are equipped with genuine FUWA suspension and stand. The axle and the uprigger are the important bearing parts of the trailers. The use of genuine Fuwa suspension shafts and kickstands is a big plus for transportation enterprises. This factor helps the vehicle balance, reduces the tire corrosion, does not cause shock when braking, has high durability, and the bearing capacity is superior to products using the axles, legs of the other brands in the market.


FUWA genuine suspension shaft


Genuine FUWA stand


Genuine FUWA stand

Vehicle brake system: Using imported genuine Sealco relay valves which is a reputable brand, highly appreciated for the durability and sensitivity of the brakes in the large truck market. Sealco relay valves help the vehicles brake faster, and are durable during high-load vehicle operation.

 Sealco relay valves helps brake responsive and faster

Tires: using genuine Casumina type 11R22.5 to help the vehicle run stably, reduce noise, reduce drag, limit corrosion, ensure safety and durability during cargo transportation.

 Casumina 11R22.5

Electrostatic Powder Coating: The chassis is painted with a ElectroStatic Powder Coating with a more methodical spraying process, careful investment in each part helps the coating to shine, reach high standards, making the product beautiful, durable.


Poke lock: This product has 8 bolts to help lock easily, keep vehicle balance, ensure safety during traffic.


Warranty policy: The product is backed by a genuine 3-year warranty at the North - Central - South warranty branch of Tan Thanh. Thanks to that, the product is always checked periodically and maintained on time to keep the car durable during operation.

From the above advantages, H42-XA-01 Skeletal Semi Trailer is a perfect product for use in transportation enterprises.

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