03 Axles 50 feet Drop Deck Semi Trailers L503-LB-01

03 Axles 50 feet Drop Deck Semi Trailers L503-LB-01

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General information
Length x width x height: 16.300 - 3.400 - 1.660 mm
Payload: 65.690 kg
Warranty: 3 years
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3 axles 50 feet Drop Deck Semi Trailers  L503-LB-01 Tân Thanh is manufactured by high-tech production lines, with a load capacity of more than 65 tons, specialized in transporting motor vehicles, oversized machinery and equipment, and enormous weight.

    1. Superior design: L503-LB-01 drop deck semi-trailer owns a robust structural steel Q345B main girder, providing high load-carrying capacity.
    2. Genuine HJ kickstand:  2-speed manual control helps the drop deck semi trailer run stably, grip the road and increase durability of the the drop deck semi-trailer over time.
    3. The brake system is equipped with 2 Sealco toads, which make the car brake faster and more durable. Sealco is rated as the leading prestige in the market in Vietnam and the world today.
    4. Genuine tires: help the the drop deck semi-trailer have a high load and less wear.
    5. North - Central - South warranty system:   The product is warranted for 3 years on the North - Central - South branch system, which is convenient for moving the vehicle to the warranty station.
    6. Durable paint film: priming, coating, and steaming to increase the semi-trailler's life

3 axles 50 feet Drop deck semi-trailer L503-LB-01  is specially designed to carry motor vehicles, machinery and oversized goods of large size and weight.

3 axles 50 feet drop deck semi-trailer (carriage, special-purpose machine) 
Trademark KCT 
Manufacture Tan Thanh Mechanic Trading Corporation
Number L503-LB-01
Certificate 0018/VAQ09-02/20-00
Date 11/06/2020
Length 16.300 mm
Width 3.400 mm
Height  1.660 mm
Load Distribution
Tare weight 13.920 kg
Playload 51.770 kg
Total Load 65.690 kg
Main Beam Complex I Beam, Q345B steel
Kingpin FUWA, 3.5”, Bolt on
Landing gear FUWA, 2-speed manual control
Axle FUWA, 16 tons
Suspensions FUWA
Fleetrite Brake Chamber 02 layer
Braking system Braking system 2 steam lines, Sealco relay vaves, USA
Shell 11.00R20
Tray 8.00-20
Paint Shot blasting, primer, coating, color fastness
Warranty 3 years
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