03 Axles 45 Feet Container Semi-Trailer / Container Chassis H53-CC-02-1

03 Axles 45 Feet Container Semi-Trailer / Container Chassis H53-CC-02-1

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General information
Length - Width - Height: 14.060 - 2.500 - 1.640 mm
Total load: 39.085 kg
Warranty: 3 years
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03 Axles 45 feet CONTAINER SEMI-TRAILER / CONTAINER CHASSIS H53-CC-02-1 Tân Thanh produced by high-tech production lines, with playload up to over 33 tons, specialized for transporting 45 feet cargo containers/storage containers

    1. Excellent design: H53-CC-02-1 Container semi-trailer / Container chassis has I beams made of Q345B steel with firm structure, facilitating high playload capacity.
    2. FUWA genuine suspension and stand: helps the vehicle run stably, grip the road and increase its durability.
    3. Braking system being equipped with Sealco relay valves: make the vehicle brake faster, much more durable than Wabco's - from China as sold on the market currently.  Sealco is rated as the leading prestige enterprise on the Vietnamese market and the world currently.
    4. Genuine Casumina tires: Tân Thanh uses Casumina tires helps the vehicle with high load capacity, less wear out.
    5. North - Central - South warranty system: The product is warranted for 3 years on the North - Central - South branch system, convenient for moving the vehicle to the warranty station.. 
    6. Super durable electrostatic coating: The chassis is applied with electrostatic powder coating technology through the process of Shot blasting, primer, coating and color fastness to increase the durability of the vehicle..

03 Axles 45 feet CONTAINER SEMI-TRAILER / CONTAINER CHASSIS H53-CC-02-1 is specially designed to transport 45 feet containers, with quite high load, moderate size flexibility when moving.

Trademark KCT
Manufacturer Tan Thanh Mechanical Trading Corporation
No. H53-CC-02-1
Length 14.060 mm
Width 2.500 mm
Height 1.640/1.655 mm
Load distribution
Tare weight 5.560 kg
Playload 33.525 kg
Total load 39.085 kg
Main Beam Assembled I beam, Q345B steel
Fifth Wheel Weld JOST, 2”, Bolt on type 

FUWA, 2-speed manual

Axles FUWA, 13 tons
Suspension systems FUWA, 07 leaf spring
Fleetrite Brake Chamber 02 layers
Braking system Braking system 2 steam lines, Sealco relay valves, USA
Shell 11R22.5/12R22.5
Tray 8.25-22.5/9.00-22.5
Paint Shot blasting, primer, coating, color fastness
Warranty 3 years
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