Gooseneck Semi Trailers 45 Feet N503-CC-01

Gooseneck Semi Trailers 45 Feet N503-CC-01

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General information
Length - Width - Height: 15.735 x 2.485 x 1.625 mm
Total load: 39.085 kg
Warranty: 3 years
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The N503-CC-01 container-carrying semi-trailer by Tan Thanh is manufactured using modern robotic assembly lines, capable of handling a total weight capacity of over 39 tons.

    1. Superior Design: The N503-CC-01 chassis of the semi-trailer is constructed from robust Q345B steel, ensuring high load-bearing capacity.

    2. Genuine Suspension and Landing Gear: Authentic suspension and landing gear enhance vehicle stability, road grip, and durability over time.

    3. Sealco Brake System: Equipped with Sealco brake components, ensuring quick braking and high durability, Sealco is a top-rated and reputable brand in the Vietnamese and global markets.

    4. Genuine Tires: Original tires contribute to higher load capacity and reduced wear and tear.

    5. North - Central - South Warranty System: The product is covered by a 3-year warranty through the North - Central - South branch network, facilitating convenient servicing and maintenance.

    6. Durable Paint Coating: The frame is coated with a high-quality finish using advanced painting technology (including powder coating, primer, and topcoat), ensuring longevity and color retention of the vehicle.


The N503-CC-01 semi-trailer is specifically designed for transporting containers or a wide range of diverse and heavy cargo such as furniture, accessories, agricultural products, and more.

Brand KCT
Manufacturer Tan Thanh Trading Mechanic Corporation
Model Number N503-CC-01
Overall Length 15.735 mm
Overall Width 2.485 mm
Overall Height 1.625 mm
Load distribution
Tare weight 6.700 kg
Playload 32.358 kg
Total load 39.085 kg
Rear Tires  11R22.5
Fifth Wheel JOST model KZ1012/10/08
Braking System

Main Brake: Drum - Air Brake

Parking Brake: Acts on Wheels of Axles 2, 3, 4 - Self-locking

Axles 3 axles
Paint Powder coating, primer, topcoat, durable finish
Warranty 3 years


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