2 Axles 20 Feet Container Semi-Trailer / Container Chassis H22-XA-01-4

2 Axles 20 Feet Container Semi-Trailer / Container Chassis H22-XA-01-4

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General information
Length - Width - Height: 7,360 - 2,480 - 1,515/1,500 mm
Total load: 33.845 kg
Warranty: 3 years
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20 FEET, 2 AXLES, 4 TWISTLOCKS CONTAINER SEMI-TRAILER / CONTAINER CHASSIS H22-XA-01-4 Tân Thanh produced by high-tech production lines, with playload up to over 34 tons, specialized for transporting 20 feet cargo containers


    1. Optimal design: The 20-feet H22-XA-01-4 skeletal semi-trailer boasts a robust structure featuring 2 I-beams constructed from SM490YA/Q345B steel, ensuring high load-bearing capacity.
    2. FUWA genuine suspension and landing gear: Ensuring stable running, good traction, and enhanced vehicle durability over time.
    3. Sealco brake system: Equipped with the reliable Sealco brake system, allowing for quick and durable braking, which is widely regarded as the market-leading brake system in Vietnam and around the world.
    4. Authentic tires: Equipped with high load-bearing capacity and low wear and tear genuine tires.
    5. North-Central-South warranty system: The product is covered by a 3-year warranty under the North-Central-South branch system, convenient for transporting the vehicle to the service station.
    6. Super durable coating: The vehicle frame utilizes spray, primer, and topcoat with high-temperature curing to increase the durability of the vehicle.

20 feet skeleton semi-trailer H22-XA-01-4  is specifically designed to transport containers with a fairly high load, for applications running in ports or participating in transportation.

Trademark KCT
Manufacturer Tan Thanh Mechanical Trading Corporation
Number H22-XA-01-4
Length 7.360 mm
Width 2.480 mm
Height 1.515/1.500 mm
Load distribution
Tare weight 3.800 kg
Playload 30.045 kg
Total load 33.845 kg
Main Beam I-beam combination, SM490YA/Q345B steel
Kingpin JOST 2″, Bolt on type 
Landing gear FUWA, 2-speed manual
Axles FUWA, 13 tons
Suspension systems FUWA, 07 leaf-spring
Fleetrite Brake Chamber 02 layers
Braking system Braking system 2 steam lines, Sealco relay valves, USA
Shell 11R22.5/11.00-20
Tray 8.25-22.5/8.00-20
Paint Shot blasting, primer, coating, color fastness
Warranty 3 years
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