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Flatbed semi-trailers are an integral part of the transportation industry. They are designed to haul oversized or irregularly-shaped items that cannot fit inside an enclosed trailer. This article will explore the various features, advantages, disadvantages, and applications of flatbed semi-trailers in the transportation industry.

What is a flatbed semi-trailer?

A flatbed semi-trailer, also known as a flatbed trailer, is a type of semi-trailer that has an open, flat deck with no sides or roof. The main body of the trailer is a long, rectangular flatbed platform that rests on two or more axles. The flatbed is usually made of wood or metal and is designed to withstand the weight of large cargo without bending or warping. A flatbed trailer is a versatile option for transporting a wide range of goods, such as heavy machinery, building materials, large vehicles, and more.

The parts and components of a flatbed semi-trailer include a chassis, axles, wheels, suspension, kingpin, landing gear, and a flatbed deck. The chassis is the frame of the trailer that supports the weight of the cargo. The axles and wheels are responsible for moving the trailer. The flatbed deck is the main component of the trailer that supports the cargo.

The tonnage of the flatbed semi-trailer depends on the model of each brand. At Tân Thanh Container, various types of flatbed trailers such as stilt semi-trailers, swaddle semi-trailers, dug-out semi-trailers, barrel semi-trailers from 20 feet to 60 feet, payload from 33 tons to 77 tons.

flatbed semi-trailer

Advantages of flatbed semi-trailers

  • Versatility: One of the main advantages of flatbed semi-trailers is their versatility. They can be used to transport a wide range of goods, from construction materials to vehicles, farm equipment, and more. They are beneficial for hauling oversize loads that cannot fit in a standard enclosed trailer.
  •  Easy loading and unloading: The flatbed design allows for more effortless loading and unloading of cargo, making it a popular choice for shippers. With an open deck, loading and unloading freight using cranes or forklifts is easy. Moreover, the absence of walls and roofs allows for greater flexibility in terms of cargo size, shape, and weight.
  • Can carry oversized and irregularly shaped items: Flatbed semi-trailers are designed to carry large, oversized, or irregularly shaped items that cannot fit inside a closed trailer. They can accommodate things that are too tall, too wide, or too heavy for other types of trailers.

Flatbed semi-trailers

Transportation industry applications for flatbed semi-trailers

  • Building materials and construction: Flatbed semi-trailers are commonly used to transport building materials such as lumber, steel beams, and concrete blocks.
  • Excavators, bulldozers, and cranes: Flatbed semi-trailers are ideal for transporting heavy machinery and equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes.
  • Vehicles and boats: Vehicles such as cars, trucks, and boats can also be transported using flatbed semi-trailers.

Where to buy flatbed semi-trailers with prestige?

With 28 years of experience in the field of sale of semi-trailers, Tân Thanh Container is proud to be a supplier  of semi-trailers in Vietnam today with the following advantages:

Strong production capacity

Along with a large scale and a team of highly qualified engineers, every year Tân Thanh Container builds and supplies to the market thousands of semi-trailers, semi-trailers, semi-trailers, semi-trailers. Container trailers are available for sale, meeting the needs and ever-expanding scale of the industry.

High quality products confirmed over the years

The product line of flatbed semi-trailers such as single axle flatbed semi trailer  Tân Thanh Container's  semi-trailers are of high quality, confirmed in the market for many years, and are manufactured. Produced on wire Press advanced technology according to international standards, undergo inspection and inspection process before shipment.

Best service - competitive price

With diverse sources of semi-trailers, Tân Thanh Container provides most of the needs of selling all kinds of shell semi-trailers, tank semi-trailers, dump semi-trailers, Bucket semi-trailers, Bucket semi-trailers vary according to the individual requirements of the customer. 

Other attractive accompanying services

Besides selling semi-trailers, Tân Thanh Container also repairs, inspects and supplies semi-trailers according to IICL standards, consulting, designing…

Global Shipping

Tân Thanh Container offers global shipping, including to Canada, Australia, the US, and many other countries in Asia. This ensures that customers from around the world can access our high-quality flatbed semi-trailers.

flatbed semi trailer - Sơ mi rơ mooc sàn

Advantages of Tân Thanh's flatbed semi-trailers

Flatbed Semi-trailers from Tân Thanh are manufactured according to high quality standards to meet the most stringent requirements:

  • Superior design: The flatbed semi-trailer owns 2 main beams with a solid structure of Q345B steel, supporting a very high load capacity.
  • Genuine HJ suspension and stand, 2-speed manual control, helps the car run stably, grip the road and increase the vehicle's durability over time.
  • Brake system equipped with Sealco toad: makes the car brake faster, much more durable than Wabco - China on the market today. Sealco is rated as the leading prestige in the market in Vietnam and globally today.
  • Genuine Casumina tires: help the car have a high load, less wear.
  • Super durable powder coating: The chassis uses electrostatic paint technology through the process of spraying, primer, coating, and absorbs durable colors to increase the life of the vehicle.

Tân Thanh Container is one of the pioneer enterprises in the field of designing and manufacturing semi-trailers. “Quality products - Professional service” is the core factor that helps us gain the trust and cooperation of customers.

Outstanding sparkly semi-trailer products

 Tân Thanh Container specializes in buying, selling, and leasing all kinds of semi-trailers with shells, semi-trailers with shells, semi-trailers with shells, high quality semi-trailers with reasonable prices:

  • 03 Axles 40 Feet Flatbed semi-trailer (container) H43-SA-01
  • 02 Axles 200 Feet Flatbed semi-trailer (container) G22-SA-01
  • 03 Axles 40 Feet Flatbed semi-trailer (container) H43-SA-01-1
  • 03 Axles 40 Feet Flatbed semi-trailer (container) F43-SA-01
  • 06 Axles 60 Feet Flatbed semi-trailer (container) K66-SR-01

Guide to Ordering a Flatbed Semi-Trailer from Tân Thanh Container in Viet Nam

Flatbed semi-trailers are an essential part of the transportation industry, used for transporting heavy and oversized cargo. Tân Thanh Container is a trusted provider of flatbed semi-trailers globally, with a strong presence in Canada, Australia, and the United States. Our flatbed semi-trailers are available in various sizes and types, including standard flatbeds, drop decks, and lowboys, to meet different transportation needs. 

Step 1: Determine Your Cargo's Size and Weight

Before placing an order, you need to determine the size and weight of your cargo. It is essential to comply with transportation regulations in your country or region to ensure safe and smooth transportation. For example, in the United States, the maximum weight for a flatbed semi-trailer is 80,000 pounds, and the maximum length is 53 feet. Tân Thanh Container offers various sizes of flatbed semi-trailers, ranging from 20 to 60 feet, to meet different cargo needs.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate flatbed trailer type

Tân Thanh Container offers different flatbed semi-trailers to meet other transportation needs. Our standard flatbeds suit general cargo transportation. Our experienced team can help you choose the appropriate trailer type that suits your cargo transportation needs.

Step 3: Contact Tân Thanh Container

Once you have identified the trailer model you want to purchase, you can contact Tân Thanh Container to request a quote. 

Step 4: Negotiate and Finalize the Deal

After you receive the quote from Tân Thanh Container, you can negotiate the price and terms of the deal and can finalize the deal.

Step 5: Arrange for Shipping global

Once the deal is finalized, Tân Thanh Container can assist you in arranging to ship globally such as to Canada, Australia, or the US. 

If you are looking for a reliable provider of flatbed semi-trailers globally, Tân Thanh Container is the ideal choice. We have a wide range of flatbed semi-trailers to meet different transportation needs, and our experienced team can guide you through the ordering process. We ensure compliance with transportation regulations and safety standards to guarantee the safe and efficient transportation of your cargo.Customers who buy semi-trailers from Tân Thanh Container can be confident that they will receive high-quality products and services.

Tân Thanh Container (Tân Thanh Mechanical Trading Corporation) is a globally recognized semi-trailer and container chassis manufacturer based in Vietnam with over 28 years of experience. Our range of high-quality products includes flatbed semi-trailers, Tanker Semi-Trailers, Dump Semi Trailers, Gooseneck semi-trailers, Side-Loader Semi Trailers, Lowboy Semi-Trailers, and shipping container trailers in custom sizes and weights. Our products are highly sought after not just in Vietnam but also in Asia and America.

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, along with flexible pricing options, makes us the go-to choice for customers looking for custom semi-trailers. We provide global warranty service, quick support, transportation-added services, and global shipping to ensure our customers receive the best experience possible.

For more information about our products and services or to request a custom semi-trailer quotation, please contact us at info@tanthanhcontainer.com or Quick Support (+7 GMT - 8:00 to 17:30): +84 968 039 939. You can also visit our website at tanthanhcontainer.com to learn more about us.

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