02 axles 40 feet gooseneck semi trailer for export N42-CC-EX-03

02 axles 40 feet gooseneck semi trailer for export N42-CC-EX-03

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General information



Length - Width - Height

12,446 - 2,438 - 1,473 mm

Total load::

31750 kg


3 years
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N42-CC-EX-03 gooseneck semi-trailer is designed for North American market has a superior design specialized for containers with a high load capacity of more than 31 tons and good durability; this is the perfect choice for logistics units and businesses. Industries with large volumes of goods need to be transported.


    1. Superior design: N42-CC-EX-03 40 feet skeleton gooseneck semi-trailer owns a combination I-beam made of ASTM A572 grade 50 steel with a solid structure, providing high load-carrying capacity.

    2. Genuine suspension and landing gear: help the vehicle runs stably, grip the road and increase the durability of the vehicle over time.

    3.  Braking system equipped with ABS Wabco Valve: makes the vehicle brake faster, has high durability, is rated as the leading prestige in the world market today.

    4. Genuine tires: help the vehicle have a high load, less wear and tear. 

    5. North - Central - South Vietnam warranty system: the product is warranted for 3 years on the North - Central - South branch system, convenient for moving the vehicle to the warranty station.

    6. Super durable paint layer: The chassis uses the technology of shot blasting, powder coating and curing to increase the life of the vehicle.


02 axles 40 feet gooseneck semi-trailer N42-CC-EX-03 Container semi-trailer/container chassis is specially designed to carry containers with relatively high loads, for applications running in ports or road transportation. Suitable for North American market. 

Trademark KCT
Manufactured by Tan Thanh Trading Mechanic Corporation
Number N42-CC-EX-03
Overall Length 12446 mm
Overall Width 2438 mm
Overall Height 1473 mm
Structural weight rating
Tare Weight 3100 kg
Payload 28650 kg
G.V.W.R 31750 kg
Main Beam  W12@19lb/ft hot-rolled I beam, 12" deep, 4" wide flanges, ASTM A572 Grade 50 steel or quivalent
Gooseneck beam 5-1/4" x 4",1/2" thick flange and 1/4" thick web prefabricated "I" beam, high-strength GR50 steel
Crossmember 3/16" thck x 3" wide x 9" deep channel 
King Pin  2" diameter, JOST brand
Front locking pin KCT brand
Rear Twist lock  KCT
Landing gear AXN brand
Axles Brand AXN, 5" diameter having a capacity of 22500 pounds minimum
Suspensions AXN with three - leaf Springs pack
Brake System ABS WAbco valve, Dual line trailer brake system, 30/30 air chamber
Tires Casumina brands
Rims sunrise brand
Coatings Powder coating shall be utilized on entire chassis. Brand Akzo, green color
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 12v DC electric system, sevem-way electrical receptable
Warranty 3 years
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