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Workers Conference 2016: Not just text!

24/04 last day, Tan Thanh Trade Union in collaboration with the TGD conference officials and public servants (public servants), workers (employees) in 2016.

In the framework of the conference trade union executive committee gave many speeches the importance attached to the table and resolve practical issues related to the rights, obligations and responsibilities of employees, promotion of the highest democratic basis.

KReward employees with outstanding achievements in 2015

Rated as the unit has many innovations in the mode of operation, the company chairman Tan Thanh Trade Union – Mr. Tran Van Hung said that, since the end of 2015, in collaboration with the Trade Union Board of Directors to remove difficulties in wages, insurance for employees, especially at the threshold of TPP and ASEAN community has formed. The conference also discussed the employees and decide on measures to implement the tasks of each person, each department within the company towards resolving difficulties and ensure jobs, reward, social welfare and support cultural activities, arts, sports, sightseeing, resort to the employee …

Ms. Tran Dieu Canh – speech at the conference

Through the conference, the Board of Directors has also answer all employee opinions concerning the regime and policies, wages and bonuses. Thereby contributing to an atmosphere of solidarity and friendship, and build harmonious labor relations, improve labor efficiency and material life and spirit of the employees.

Labor agreements awarded to Mr. Tran Van Hung

The success of the conference public servants, employees 2016 conference is good signal Tan Thanh signal will enter a new year gained much success, and material life, the spirit of the employees has been enhanced.
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